Exploration Essay Guidelines
Please decipher carefully.
Your assignment is to establish the juridical extinguishedcomes in undivided of the scenarios, exploration those extinguishedcomes, and mould warnings coercion appendressing those extinguishedcomes. This accomplish unquestionably succor you collect to transcribe and polite-mannered-mannered instrument a exploration essay. And, if you impress you already are an polite explorationer and transcriber, it accomplish repair your ability to discharge exploration.
General Instructions
1. Technical 
The completed exploration essay should be typed in MS Term merely, Arial or Times Odd Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced coercionmat with footnotes and bibliographic regards, referable short than 8 pages nor vast 12 pages in extension. It accomplish accept a narrowness term reckon of 1750 terms. This page condition does referable comprise an unembodied or bibliography page. Always obstruct coercion language, spelling, and own passage antecedently submitting your result. It is expected that the ward accomplish totalot a protracted negotiate of leadership internal pliant a capacity result precious of the elevated academic standards systematic at Saint Leo University. This exploration essay is rate 27 sharp-ends and accomplish illustrate 27% of the definite career remove. 
This is referable a indivisible idea essay; total of it must be tailed up by your exploration. Your essay should mention those sources you are hanging on to coercionmulate the pros and cons as polite-mannered-mannered as your definite warnings. Your essay should comprise a narrowness of five regard sources. These regards can be five conditions or five record declaration or a coalition of conditions and declaration.
As discussed in the syllabus, Saint Leo University uses Turnitin to validate the originality of a ward’s result. Turnitin is integrated into the Exploration Essay Dropbox and your essay accomplish be assigned an originally account. Any essays with an originality account of protracteder than 15% accomplish be matter to an automatic account of 0, as polite-mannered-mannered as hypothetically mattering to the ward to referral to the Academic Standards Committee coercion an academic conscientiousness critique.
Your essay is to be structured as flourishs coercion each disconnected certainty plight you are explorationing. In your essay, deposit each of the sub-headings listed lowerneathneath in intrepid, so that it is absolved to the decipherer that you are subjoined the mandatory coercionmat:

Abridgment of Certaintys – This is a abridgment of the certaintys which are bearing to the extinguishedcome you are explorationing. You may appobject some certaintys beparty merely if they are compulsory to your exploration.
Issues Presented – What juridical extinguishedcomes are created by the certaintys with which you are presented? The Sheriff usually presents further than undivided.
Arguments Presented by Each Party – How frequent partys are there? What is the best condition coercion each party?
Applicable Method – This is where you explain the conditions, statutes, regulations, and other sources from your exploration which are bearing to your extinguishedcomes. If some of the conditions briefed in the career exercise to your extinguishedcomes, you may mention them. However, you must too pretence that you accept conducted fractions exploration and explain incongruous conditions which are bearing.
Warning – This is where you admonish the Sheriff as to what decisions should be made in-reference-to the extinguishedcomes at artisan.
Reasons – In this exception, divulge the Sheriff why you made those warnings. Remember, the Sheriff wants the juridical account coercion your warnings, NOT your indivisible ideas.
Centre Values – In this exception, explain the Saint Leo centre values which are blameworthy in the arguments presented by each party and in your warnings.
Bibliography – This should comprehobject non-juridical regards merely. Juridical condition passages should be in footnotes in the substantiality of your essay; flourish APA guidelines coercion passages.

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Discourse each certainty plight in your clarified scenario disconnectedly and transcribe your hortatory beginning to the Sheriff, using each of the sub-headings balancehead. Then go on to the present certainty plight and reproduce the coercionmat. The mandatory coercionmat is urgentional to tail you with focusing on total of the extinguishedcomes time appendressing them as disconnected extinguishedcomes. Some may be easier to appendress than others.
3. Grading Standards

Identification of Extinguishedcomes and Bearing Certaintys: ____/5 sharp-ends
Organization (follows coercionmat): ____/5 sharp-ends
Sources and Authorities (condition method, statutes, conversant record declaration): ____/5 sharp-ends
Mechanics and Writing Process (spelling, language, own passage, clarity of thought/writing): ____/5 sharp-ends
Segregation (profoundness of segregation of the extinguishedcomes explorationed): ____/5 sharp-ends
Centre Value Integration: ____/2 sharp-ends

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4. Passage Coercionmat
The Sherriff wants to decipher your juridical memo, referable a bunch of passage passages, so deposit them in footnotes. APA yields coercion this. This does referable balance you should referable accept a polite-mannered-researched memo, with catholic passages; rather, it solely balances you should deposit your passages in footnotes.
You are the Special Tailant to the Saint Leo Pre-eminent of Police (or, Saint Leo Reckony Sheriff, as you further). As such, you are a very trusted and dependable aide. The pre-eminent relies on you coercion your cheerful intellect, trial, and analytical abilities.
The Pre-eminent/Sheriff is fairly odd to the Saint Leo Police Office (SLPD/SLCSO). There are frequent problems in the office, referable total of which are the misdeed of this pre-eminent. However, the Pre-eminent/Sheriff wants to appendress some of the further importunate problems and explain them, withextinguished litigation if potential.
The Office’s General Admonition is complicated in ongoing litigation and is referable available to yield direction, and extinguishedparty admonition is valuable and unseasonable at this sharp-end. The Pre-eminent/Sheriff distinguishs you are referable an counsellor, beparty you do accept a Master’s quantity in Sinful Justice Administration from Saint Leo University. The Pre-eminent/Sheriff distinguishs that this respected science has educated you polite-mannered-mannered coercion this drudgery. Therefore, the Pre-eminent/Sheriff needs your segregation of the certaintys and the bearing method on the problems presented.
The multitudinous problems confronting the Pre-eminent/Sheriff can be base at the object of this instrument.
Exploration Essay Problem Scenarios
Scenario #5:
The Saint Leo Police Office has a K-9 item which is primarily used in offal questes. Last week, the item obtained a quest assure coercion a opportunity provision in town. An informant had ardent the office referableification that iljuridical offal purchases were preliminary establish in the provision. The office has never used this informant antecedently and his truth and reobligation accept referable been tested. The informant has pending sinful mandible athwart him and the superintendent of the item told the informant that if his referableification pungent extinguished to be veritable, the superintendent would mould a unconditional warning to the plaintiff artisanling the informant’s condition. The superintendent of the item dexterous an affidavit in maintenance of the quest assure collision using the informant’s statements. When it was presented to the seek, the critic was at lunch, so the clerk signed the assure. Armed with the assure, the K-9 item proceeded to the opportunity provision. The proprietor of the provision, Mr. Wrong, totalowed the officers and the K-9 dog denominated “Happy” to invade the provision withextinguished obstruction. Happy led the officers to a storage extent and then to a ambush door that was retired lowerneathneath a rug. Frequent pounds of marijuana and diverse ounces of cocaine were discovered lowerneathneath the structure. After the officers certain the illustration and were loading up their vehicles, Happy ran balance to the door of what appeared to be a retired pernoctation located amid 10 feet of the opportunity provision and gave a distinguished indicating iljuridical offals at that colonization. The superintendent knocked on the door and was greeted by an singular, Mr. Right, who pungent and ran to the tail of the location. The superintendent pursued him. Once in the offspring, the superintendent dictum a lamina and what appeared to be a vast quantity of cocaine and diverse smtotal pliant baggies on the help extent consideration. The superintendent arrested Mr. Right and charged him with holding with urgent to keep-apart cocaine.
The proprietor of the opportunity provision, Mr. Wrong, has filed a excitement to era-h the illustration charmed from the cellar fixed on a short quest assure. The Sheriff wants your education in-reference-to that privilege.
Mr. Right’s polite counsellor has threatened a Exception 1983 methodsuit athwart the superintendent, the Sheriff, and the office consequently his client’s natural rights were violated. The Sheriff wants to distinguish what privileges Mr. Right force accept athwart her, the superintendent of the K- 9 item, and the office. Do they total accept obligation? The Sheriff would too relish you to evaluate those privileges and mould warnings to her.
Mr. Right’s sinful counsellor has filed a excitement to era-h total illustration charmed from the location fixed on an iljuridical quest. He says that a dog’s sniff of a retired location is a reversal of the Fourth Amendment. The Sheriff wants your education on this privilege.

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