Revision Policy

Revision Policy

Varsity Papers understand the value of the work to the student. It is the desire of every student to submit an error free essay to earn higher marks. We ensure that we deliver exactly what the students requires. The following are our policies concerning Revisions

  1. Students can only request for revisions if the writer did not follow the instructions made at the original order paper.
  2.  Client cannot ask for the paper to be revised based on new instructions from the lecturer or forgotten pieces of instructions or files. This would call for the client to place a new order or compensate the writer appropriately.
  3. If the client has already submitted the final paper and scores reflected after grading, students cannot ask for revision unless on particular circumstances as the support team would see as appropriate.
  4. All revisions should be handled within 14 days from when the first copy was published.

To avoid a lot of revisions, we kindly ask our clients to submit original instructions that are in full, direct and easy to understand. We also require our clients to answer our calls and emails ASAP when seeking for clarifications.

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