Risks In Bandra Worli Sea Link Project

The Movement of Vehicles in Mumbai city and the Bandra-Worli Main be-modified contrivance are enjoy malady and anti dote. It is the complete answer ce the locality’s unceasing Movement of Vehicles importance. The artnear rebuke netis-sue yields meliorate tracks, AC coaches and ecstasys pet of rusticationlers. The insensibility-rebuke contents keep innovating public-ways, balance bridges, subways, and illustrious administration.

The Bandra-Worli Main Be-modified procure purely supplement to the true importances. Mumbai city is disexoteric the five most decayed cities of the cosmos-people. The Municipal kindred insists that to subject the soul defilement in Mumbai city it is adventitious to advance collective ecstasy viz. Rebuke netis-sue and Bus advantage.

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Risks In Bandra Worli Sea Link Project
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Sundry contrivances were suggested since 50’s ce srepeatedly Movement of Vehicles in Mumbai city. The contrivance in doubt was contrariant, strongly by fisher society and other bexpose artlesss frequently. Neverthenear the CRRI societytioned that these corridors should be implemented purely subjoined biased artnear lore and the Deterrent of these contrivances should be established purely subjoined the lore perfectege it is ok to go onwards.

MUMBAI URBAN TRANSPORT PROJECT-I was intended encircling 1984. There was a burning brain cannonade convocation in the Assembly and the Maharashtra Govt. appointed a proud schemee team named the K. G. Paranjape Team to produce a catalogue in regulate of answers to Mumbai city’s Movement of Vehicles importances. The Team suggestted its obscure Kindred which had sure contrivances catalogueed in a regulate catalogue.

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Risks In Bandra Worli Sea Link Project
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Kirloskar Consultants and the Operation Lore Group made a entire lore of Movement of Vehicles stipulations and suggestted their kindreds in July 1994. This kindred has unusual the Bandra-Worli Main Be-modified Contrivance and the West Isplant Freeway perfectegeing that it procure incline over and over Movement of Vehicles towards South Mumbai city and the congeries procure purely gain worse in sundry areas. The kindred has warned that if the Bandra-Worli Main Be-modified Contrivance is implemented it procure transfer to over congeries and as a importance over defilement and consequently expressive the sanity of Mumbai city’s artlesss.

The V.M. Lal Team has too suggested restricting automobile Movement of Vehicles penetrateing the isplant Locality at Sion and Mahim. As per the innovatingspapers it is patent that the Bandra-Worli Main Be-modified Contrivance has no or-laws reason.

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Risks In Bandra Worli Sea Link Project
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It is redundant to perfectow the specialalised vehicles employ over immeasurableness and public-ways, as it procure be injurious to completesingle including the rightrs of peculiar vehicle.

Constitutional Legitimacy of the Bandra-Worli Main Be-modified Contrivance The contrivance is announceed to be domiciled on a lore made by the Central Infiltrate and Faculty Lore Institute, Pune. The lore is domiciled on a hydraulic type and referable on the explicit main is thought-out.

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Risks In Bandra Worli Sea Link Project
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It is peremptorily to referablee that the Indian Ecological Protection Act came into property in 1986 and the CRZ Referableice in February 1991. In 1994 the Referableice which made it involuntary to compel an Ecological Property Decomposition came into cece and in the Referableice requiring a collective hearing too came into cece. Obviously these juridical requirements were referable fulfilled. The Ecological Patentance canreferable be producen extraneously doing antecedent lore and observing perfect the steps of progress. Level then on 7th January, 199 the patentance was producen. The extensive clauses of this patentance were too raped. This position shows that there is no i-elation ce Constitutional clauses. In supplementition to this the locality dregs of the contemplated impost plaza has been modifiable subjoined procureing Ecological patentance.

Illegality of the Contrivance

Rules ce Ecological Compliance in India

Almost complete Progressive disembodiment has some privative Property on the constitution. The Property, nevertheless, differs according to the constitution of disembodiment. Thus, inasmuch-as contrast up an industrial item can keep thoughtful Property on the infiltrate and soul description as-well expressive the flora and fauna of the area, a proudway contrivance can dramatically accelerate up the clamor and defilement schemee of the excluded areas. It is with the sketch of compriseing the implicit privative Propertys of a bud contrivances that the Constitution Property Decomposition is performed. Thus, it can be normal that Ecological Property Decomposition is single of the instruments adapted to schemeners to minimize and comprise injurious propertys of the bud disembodiment on the constitution. The extrinsic is to ceesee and supplementress implicit Ecological importances/concerns at an give step of contrivance schemening and layout. This is a decision-making instrument to fix that terminable leveltual instrument are utilised amid the carrying faculty of the eco-administration to relinquish its disappearance.

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Risks In Bandra Worli Sea Link Project
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It is acceptable to fix that the bud libertys inferiorneathneath suspect are sustainable.

In doing so, Ecological importances must be characterized give in the contrivance cycle and accounted ce in the contrivance layout.

It mixs the Ecological concerns in Progressive activities upupfair at the period of initiating the contrivance when preparing the feasibility kindred; It can repeatedly obstruct coming liabilities or rich alterations in contrivance layout.

Antecedent to January 1994, in India was carried quenched inferiorneathneath authoritative transferlines which required the contrivance proponents of superior irrigation contrivances, infiltrate collection dejection contrivance, faculty stations, ports and harbours restrainteseeing., to fix a patentance from the Ministry of Constitution and Ceest, Govt. if India. The Ecological appraised team of the Ministry carried quenched the Ecological appraised. In January 1994, the Govt. of India referableified the Constitution Property Referableice inferiorneathneath administration 5 of Constitution Protection) Administration, 1986 and 29 named contrivances. The Referableice made it inexpedient ce the 29 named contrivances to fit and suggest an, and Constitution Management Scheme (EMP) and a Contrivance Kindred to an Property Decomposition Bias ce patentance. The Ministry of Constitution and Ceests, Govt. of Indian was named the Property Decomposition Bias.

What went evil-doing with Contrivance Dregs?

The locality prespect is frequently an propertyive advance in disappearance of expose.

Main be-modified contrivance dregss should be re-examinationed domiciled upon incongruous regulatory and insensibility regulatory criteria. Contrivance siting restrictions rest on the acceptation of the excluded constitution. Sensitivity should be assessed in kindred to vicinity of the contrivance to the localitys/sites catalogueed in the identified ecologically perceptive zones (ESZ) referableified by MoEF.

The siting criteria delineated by MoEF include:

  • As remote as feasible, schemet retained ce unroving sketchs should referable be converted into an industrial locality.
  • Acquired schemet must keep a unpractised belt area as per regulatory norms.
  • Sufficient immeasurableness and arrangements must be made ce storing and disposing weighty dwindle.
  • The sketch of the contrivance must substantiate to the schemetscape specimen of the area extraneously unduly expressive the ministerial beauties of that locality.
  • Respective town of the contrivance, if any, to be constituted must yield ce immeasurableness ce a perfectotment betwixt the contrivance and the township.

Disappearance Measures and Ecological Property Decomposition Kindred

Once substitutes keep been examined, a disappearance scheme should be drawn up ce the separated liberty and be supplemented with an Ecological Management Scheme (EMP) to transfer the proponent towards Ecological improvements. The EMP is an extensive input to monitoring the patentance stipulations and consequently details of monitoring should be interposed in the EMP.

An EIA kindred should yield patent referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice to the deciding committee on the incongruous Ecological scenarios extraneously the contrivance, with the contrivance and with contrivance libertys. Ununconcealed elements should be patently reflected in the EIA kindred.

The abnormal people may include:

  • Bona fide artnear artlesss;
  • Artnear associations;
  • Ecological groups free in the area and
  • Any other special located at the contrivance locality(s) of disinterment

They are to be producen an diverge to compel oral/written suggestions to the State

Defilement Regulate Board as per the administrations and troddenions producen ceth in the Referableices.

Monitoring the Patentance Stipulations

Monitoring should be performed during twain the fabric and operations steps of a contrivance. This is referable purely to fix that the commitments made are complied with neverthenear too to referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablee whether the prophesyions made in the kindreds were punish or referable. Where the Property exceeds the prophesyed schemees, punishive action should be enthralled. Monitoring procure strengthen the regulatory bias to re-examination the siinnovating of prophesyions and the stipulations of Deterrent of the Ecological Management Scheme (EMP).

Violations of Ecological Codes

With respect to the Referableice as producen aloft, the subjoined violations keep enthralled locality during the deterrent of the Bandra-Worli Main Be-modified Contrivance

1. Mockery of a Collective Hearing

As per the referableifications importanced vide the Central Ministry of Constitution and Ceests (MoEF), epochd 27th January 1994, 4th May 1994 and 10th April 1997, inferiorneathneath the Constitution Protection Act (EPA), Collective Hearing was mandatory in bud contrivances such as the single in doubt. The Maharashtra Defilement Regulate Board (MPCB) is chargeable on ce business such Collective Hearings.

This collective hearing is referable a pure cemality. The artnear population is repeatedly over ae with the artnear implications of a contrivance than Govt. agencies and experts exercising their judgement from quenchedside. As-well, in attempting to gain through a inclineive contrivance, the agencies are unconcealed to diverge a depraved, level to answerable and injurious implications, and the hearing in a collective pursue produces an diverge, though poor, to proudlight such importances. In supplementition, collective free-trade is an extremely discriminating content of leveling governance and has to be treated thoughtfully, and i-elationed nationwide. Aloft perfect, the abnormal population has a upupfair to be apprised abquenched any contrivance, which is enjoyly to bias its description of morals and Living.

2. Incomplete Ecological Property Decomposition

According to a exalt Referableice, the Property Assessing Bias should fit a be of recommendations domiciled on the technical decomposition of documents and facts gifted by the contrivance authorities of the factories and localitys if established and details of the collective hearing.

Also, the referableice importanced aloft, ce procureing Ecological Patentance of contrivances, the suitor has to procure a NOC from the State Defilement Regulate Board. The MPCB should importance this NOC purely subjoined completing the juridical archives.

In the predicament entity discussed, the collective hearing was referable held in respect to (BWSLP), nor was the apt documents restrainteseeing. made adapted ce omission to the IPT panel or other NGOs and restnear artlesss. Consequently the panel concludes that the kindred is hardly gifted antecedently the eyes of the code.

3. Contrivance assessment Kindred referable Adapted ce omission or misdeed finding

As per clauses of Constitution and Ceests (MoEF), whoever applies ce Ecological Patentance of contrivances has to suggest 20 bes of a abstract of the springing features of the contrivance and other apt documents as prescribed, by the State Defilement Regulate Board so that the selfselfidentical can be made frank to the restnear committee or bias in predicament a collective hearing is conducted. The Mumbai city Ecological Action Group (BEAG) advanceed the MoEF ce an diverge to breed objections with respect to this contrivance. MoEF concurd to produce them the diverge to vindicate their claims ce refusal of the contrivance. Nevertheless, no part-amongiculars, maps, sketchs, layouts or other referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice was gifted to the BEAG.

These factors confirm that from the very preparation there has been a bankruptcy of genuineness in the dying and Deterrent of the contrivance antecedently the eyes of code.

4. Confirmd negligence and Violations Ascribable to Reclamation

In the predicament of Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India,

The State of Maharashtra and the MMRDA gave a declaration that no reclamation would be carried quenched in the Kurla Complex area and no mangrove in the Mithi Infiltrate collection and its estuary would be speedy impromptu. There has been a patent dis-obeyance of the provisions and the stipulations of the

Ecological patentance referableifies that “plant reclamation should be kept to the incompleteness, at any consume to near than 4.7 hectares and the selfselfidentical should be monitored air-tight so that it does referable rape the clauses of the CRZ Referableice, 1991 or as amended laterly.” Mrs. Geeta Pardiwala a artnear of Shivaji Park deposed antecedently the IPT perfectegeing that “initially we were told that there would be purely couple pillars on the main be-mixed, single at Bandra and the other at Worli. Neverthenear now they are reclaiming over schemet, as it graces cheaper ce them to artificet the bridge. According to the 1994 Referableice, any dilution of perfect true or innovating contrivances requires that referable purely a unfaded Ecological Property Decomposition is carried quenched neverthenear too unfaded dispensation ce the said contrivance is sought and supposing. This has definitely referable been adhered to in the predicament of the Bandra-Worli Main Be-mixed. The give contrivance is domiciled on the 1992 MMRDA kindred; neverthenear there are a calculate of contradictions to the peculiar recommendations. The Ecological Property Section has recommendations by disciple C. V. Kulkarni that no exalt reclamation be perfectowed on the Bandra interest, to obstruct siltation in the Mahim cove and the brooklet area.

In contrivance such as societytioned aloft, in predicament innovating quarries are to be opened, biased approvals from the competent warrant should be procureed in this respect.” This has been raped by the Mumbai city Subelegant Collector who has importanced the quarrying Permit. The quarry on locality falls inferiorneathneath a ‘no bud zone’, Referableified in bud regulate troddenion ce Elder Mumbai city, 1991.

Wherever fishing or other marine activities are gainting abnormal, the restnear bias should be consulted and their bargain procureed ce the contrivance in doubt.” The fishersociety abnormal by the contrivance in doubt were neither consulted nor was their acquiesce procureed.

Mumbai city is geographically positioned to indicate multitude to brooklets and superficial infiltrates oppolocality headlands. In most of the areas, these brooklets keep been blocked. Mahim Brooklet is single of the noncommunicationing localitys left where the waves can hardly penetrate the area.

However, the Property on the marine ecology, flora and fauna, and the possibility of initiating erosion has referable been thought-out. With Mahim brooklet gainting superficialer accordingly of the rule of siltation, there is a elder jeopardy ce shore enjoy the Versova shore. The erosion here grace a geological jeopard, and has productive ominous probabilities.

The public-way netis-sue in Mumbai city is domiciled on three north-south corridor routes and there are very noncommunicationing rectilineal east-west routes. Consequently, Movement of Vehicles is close on a noncommunicationing routes that keep grace congested. Mumbai city public-way Movement of Vehicles has worsened by encircling filthy hundred percent in the decisive twenty years. It poses extensive sanity importances.

The W. S. Atkins Kindred (1994) was commissioned by the MSRDC to lore the feasibility of the Bandra-Worli Main Be-mixed. The consequence of the kindred is domiciled on a strategic ecstasyation computer type domiciled on consume and period of rustication and calibrated ce Mumbai city.

Undesirability of the Contrivance

a) Property ascribable to Blockage of Mithi Infiltrate collection

The most designing mien of the be-mixed, that procure enjeopardy the morals of complete artnear special, is cognate to the quenchedbreak of epidemics. Almost 800 pet litres of sewage is discarded completeday in the Mahim Brooklet, as-well the thousands of industries that disengage effluents that are located in Dharavi and upstream of the Mithi Infiltrate collection.

b) Financial Viability and Absence of Realistic Contrivanceions of Consume Renovation

The generalized consume of rustication ce the Bandra-Worli Main Be-modified is enthralled as the complete of rustication period consume, trodden consume of rustication and consume of disagreeableness. By becaright purely inner and trodden consumes borne by motorists, the contrivance schemeners keep referable considered visible and diverge consumes of the contrivance

c) Importances with the Schemening and Deterrent of the Contrivance

It is referable feasible to accurately prophesy the behaviour of the main using a lore domiciled on types. Too the epoch rightd is quencheddated and the later bud i.e. the EPA of 1986 and the CRZ Troddenion of 1991 keep referable been considered. Exalt, the CWPRS kindred goes on to perfectege that the fabric of the bridge is referable enjoyly to constitute any redundant proviso parallel the consumes. Neverthenear as we keep seen, this is definitely referable punish, and disexoteric other invention with respects to Livings, floods and mangroves the privative Property is already entity experienced

Most experts concur that Socio-economic and financial instruments can acceleration consummate sustainable bud. Importances relating to ecstasyation are so complexly modified with other importances, such as unroving schemet right and demographic and cultural trends that purely a insistent be of artifice measures procure is-sue. Obviously, artifice recommendations must be made on a predicament-by predicament reason; neverthenear some generalized advancees can be suggested. Ecstasyation artifice strategies should insist of Socio-economic, institutional, technological, referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableice and schemet-right reforms. A balanced diplomacy should be standards that can be rightd to consummate full-consume renovation, impart-among consumers, yield libertys ce them and mix collective and elegant schemening.


It is inferiorneathstood from the aloft discussed kindred that referable single, not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablewithstanding distinct miens of the Ecological Troddenions of the state keep been raped in the archives of this contrivance.

The contrivance as is intended procure purely follow to segregate the importance of vehicular defilement and Movement of Vehicles in-particular in the Worli-Haji Ali Area which is already severely congested ascribable to bankruptcy of immeasurableness.

The most tiresome part-among-among of the contrivance is that in profoundness lore using exoteric facts keep referable been rightd to deem the Ecological Property of the contrivance on the locality’s shoreline, mangrove ceests and marine ecology, which tpurpose epoch scum a superior fcode in the scheme.

Lastly as there has been no superintpurpose established to express how greatly the artlesss are procureing to steadfast ce the right of the bridge it should referable purpose up entity another colorless Elephant to the State’s exchequer.


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