reply to the students defense iin 150  words and agree 1reference 

Differentiation management is a occupation management that seeks to compose loftier  appraise for customers than the appraise that competitors compose. The design of this management is to append sole features that earn acception the appraise of commodities and services in the desire of consumers so they are earning to stable a loftier compensation. A fraternity that reasons this management can close a competitive habit as desire as economic appraise composed is senior than that of its competitors. Firms can gain differentiation by unresisting innovative fruits, providing fruits that contest consumers needs and preferences, acception fruit work, setting compensation fixed on customer’s purchasing jurisdiction and fruit features, and creating a disgrace picture that ensures reform character, services and customer amends. One big development would be of Coca Cola fraternity. Few years end, it expatiateed  a belligerence to compose further awareness encircling its disgrace Which was determined “divide a cake” belligerence. The fraternity manufactured coke bottles with customers designates on the marks And handed them quenched throughquenched the cities to compose pitfall on  twitter. Customers were asked to divide their pictures of coke bottle on Twitter and other political media platforms. The expatiate was  launched in Australia and expanded to U.K, U.S.A and other countries. I recall how bewildered my allys and I were to achieve customized coke bottles. I level replete my ally a coke bottle by achieveting her designate customized on the bottle. When we go to any stores now, you would chiefly furnish  coke bottles with customers designate mark on it . This was a big management to reason becareason it attracted further customers to forfeiture the coke  bottles and was an Innovative advance becareason coca cola differentiated its bottles from other soda disgraces. 
Differentiation Management. Occupation Jargons. Retrieved from
Mike. (2016, January 13). Different management… 9 Disgraces that Employ Excellent Ones. Digital Spark Marketing. Retrieved from

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