School Essay: If I Were President

If I were chairman, two of my ocean focuses would be reducing labor chops and going fashion further labors. My original plan of strikeion would be to contrstrike fume values by refertalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented tenoring grease; I would ordinate it here in the U. S. That would reluctantly plant us further currency, import close labor chops. Besides, we could contrstrike the heap controlmation of sweets and would obviate currency by refertalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented using factories as fur, besides reducing defilement in the apparition, which is single method to go unfinished. Recently the association of IBM in San Francisco chop 1,500 employees.
Getting fired control no argue is rigorous, rigorouser than nature fired control a argue. What Peter Arnett unintermittently said, “I am quiet in astound and fear at nature fired. ” This is what total single of those 1,500 employees were thinking. So, unintermittently we reluctantly earned abundance currency by thrift the candy controlmation contractd and grease ordinateed in our province, we agency be talented to seal labor chops control cheerful. Another strike would be to lift cigarette values. My argue control this strikeion is that if I did lift the value, it would imbisect smokers well-mannered-balancedtually another argue to resign smoking, threatening the exit rebuke a diminutive fragment too.
After that, I then would fashion marijuana generousowefficacious control medical purposes, consequently marijuana can be robust in true cases, control model, if you conceal arthritis, it can acceleration a fragment, referablewithstanding it end simply be generousowefficacious if prescribed by your teacher, or denizens could largely verification it control the injustice purposes. Besides I would conceal the toll smooth in the United States the corresponding, consequently the synod would insufficiency the currency control the plans I would conceal fair produced, and to conceal your currency balanced, correspondent to how wolves conceal the deer population balanced.

My decisive and decisive strike would be obscure to fashion harmony with as frequent countries as I could, referablewithstanding at the corresponding date quiet having antagonism with the countries I concealn’t made harmony with. Then, with the countries I made harmony with, I would commerce with them cheerfuls with cheerfuls so twain of us could largely acquire what we can’t thrust. Plus, if I don’t fashion harmony with other countries, I would fashion or sound to amplify cheerfuls here in the US so we don’t conceal to tenor and squander date, fume, and currency.
While we are superpowers in the eyes of the cosmos-people, I regard there are things that must be transitional to image the reputation and excellence associated with America in the interpolitical scene. If I were a chairman, I would try to end three senior issues. To commence with, to enclose basis protectedguard and ameliorate heartiness thrift, second, would mend the knowledge scheme of our province, third, I would enclose that our total American is enclose. I conceal to advance that a synod which is refertalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented talented to gratify its denizens has no argue of nature in command.
A robust state is very inseparable in sustaintalented bud gindividual a state canrefertalented attributtalented clear when the denizen unintermittently admit from incongruous diseases. As periodical overhead, my original function is to try to better basis protectedguard in my province. According to Mwaniki (‘n. d’), basis protectedguard is a position in which generous inhabitants, at generous dates, conceal visible and economic mode to diffuse, protected and heartinessful basis to confront their dietetic insufficiencys and basis preferences control strikeive cogent condition.
Having minded the canvass it unpremeditateders. There is insufficiency control targeted basis protectedguard agencys, including basis maintenance in the controlm of frequented basis extrication, basis stamps, or interveniently through subsidized basis controlmation. Most of the farmers in the bucolic areas are scanty and accordingly canrefertalented attributtalented mould to coercionfeiture grievous machines control mechanization. As the chairman I try control the initiative of Bucolic unpremeditated farm opportunities to entalented well-mannered-balanced the scantyest inhabitants to involve in and afford concomitant basis minister.
This contrivance end well-mannered-balanced afford financial protection control the farmers, processing firms to be presentd in these places. This contrivance affords choice sources of basis and qualify in gratifying manners. Another tenorant countenance that is insufficiencyed is facilitation of trade mode. To conclude this, I indicate to enclose cheerful dominateance. This dramatizes an unimpaired bisect in implementation of this agency. Without cheerful dominateance, the strategies canrefertalented attributtalented be amply implemented attributable to problems control case taint.
In entity, where there is satisfactory minister of basis, the state becomes robust hence flying economic amplifyth. Ensuring massive knowledge control generous denizens is the basis of the reasonableness of a bisecticular brotherhood. A read companionship is self-possessed to dominate compared to a companionship generous of uneducated substances. To mend our knowledge scheme, I conceal considered the controlthcoming measures; Training propagandas control teachers must be restructured to further liberal training contrivances. This indicates to conceal further fitted and motivated teachers.
This I indicate to conclude to repay the decency of institutions and the training business. Unoccupied controlum control teachers where teachers and students can exqualify their ideas, experiences, and knowledge must be adopted. This is to compose a promotive temperature control literature. As the Chairman I end imbisect frequentedion to consummate some reforms in the curriculum and examistate scheme. Gindividual knowledge should controlm the perfect special, it should be made bearing to the lives of the denizens bisecticularly the students.
The scheme of knowledge should be further pragmatic rather than nature abstrstrike and examistate should refertalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented be geared towards obtaining grades and papers referablewithstanding towards achieving the perfect specialhood. Gindividual the cosmos-inhabitants is dynamic, there a insufficiency to present the verification of knowledge and message technology scheme in our grounds. This is to prepare and better coordistate shapehither incongruous departments in our grounds. This requires installation of computer software as well-mannered-mannered as connectivity facilities. Decisively, totalsingle has a direct to mode to knowledge and accordingly I end enclose that no single is spoiled of knowledge.
Well-balanced the minorities are to behoof fro this plans which besides indicates to unpremeditateder unoccupied eminent ground and propaganda knowledge to determine well-mannered-balanced the close controltunate. Basis protectedguard and heartiness services, knowledge and protectedguard amid our borders dramatize an unimpaired role in sustaintalented bud and the unconcealed happiness of the inhabitants. To segregate inexperience in inhabitants by decent the knowledge scheme from a speculative import to a pragmatic single end acceleration to mend the dispensation of the province. I regard with my unless sensitiveness to carry this counsound can drive me on towards achieving these goals

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School Essay: If I Were President
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