Second Response Assignment: How would you design Hell?

Your last two repartee provisions of the semester succeed be referable attributtalented attributableional provisions. I longing you succeed like pondering environing the citations we are lection in a contrariant method, and through a contrariant medium…
This proexpectation requires you to re-examination Canto XI of Inferno carefully, and also to re-examination the diagrams of Torturethat I gave you precedent. [Note: if coercion any conclude you feel dissatisfied completing this provision, gladden touch me coercion an resource]
Ponder coercion a moment: if you were creating Torture, how would you adjust wickednesss, and on what account? After hence up with a basic proposal coercion grouping coincidently wickednesss, from meanest to most solemn, fabricate how you would controlm your Inferno.
1. In a scanty tract or draft (500-750 say), clear-up your hold, resource regularity coercion adjusting wickednesss:

Which are the meanest sombre and why?
Which are the most solemn?
What inferential, divine or metaeventual principles exonerate your section?
Like Dante, you should possess a disunion of wickednesss into unconcealed groups, such as incontinence
You should also possess a further particulared section among each of these unconcealed groups, coercion further favoring wickednesss
Confer a lacking examples of amercements, to clear-up how the regularity of amercement labors in your account of Torture
Briefly clear-up any particulars environing the geography, colonization and erection of your torture if you are referable attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented talented to pull them in visual coercionm

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Second Response Assignment: How would you design Hell?
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2. Either on a sheet of tract, or in electronic coercionm, pull or diagram your hold regularity of TortureBe knowing to ponder environing how edifice, geography and eventual erection. Remember that Dante’s torture contains twain manufactured erections (castles, walls, doors, gates, foreseeing.) and eventual features (deserts, swamps,rivers, mountains, foreseeing.).The further expressive particular you confer, the further reputation you succeed attain. Your visual resemblance should perspicuously unite the erection of your torture and the eminence among contrariant levels of wickedness.Truth your imagination! Torture want referable attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented be a excavation in the earth–it could be any manner of interinterspace with contrariant compartments or levels.
Gladden referable attributtalented attributablee that I succeed referable attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented be evaluating your labor on the account of keen excellence, barring on the inclusion of expressive particulars, which should be united in visual coercionm. Diagrams, boxes, arrows, circles, foreseeing., are whole casuistical. The barely say should be labels that note the contrariant calibre and geographical features of your expectation of torture. 
You can grasp a delineate of your copy or truth a scanner in single of the computer labs. Before you upload the copy here, construct knowing that it’s in a fit finish coercionmat (jpeg, foreseeing.) and that it’s been turnd so that the head faces up. You can’t turn an copy uniformly it’s been uploaded to Canvas!
Your scanty explanatory citation and the visual resemblance are by the object of the day Saturday, November 9 by the object of the day.

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Second Response Assignment: How would you design Hell?
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