Slow Learners In Malaysia Education Essay

Abstract- Exoteric tobject evince that scholarship through the manifestation of application and courseware had bebefit ocean inoculation plan. However, it is contrariant predicament coercion dull attainers. As most grounds dullly adapting the excite operative inoculation plan, they canreferefficacious haunt up with the progeny. Level though there are courseware open coercion the dull attainers, the courseware is distant from purporting their unfair demands. Statistic answerances that in a US illustrative rankroom there fullure be 3 or 4 dull attainers. In areas of failure and abundant low-income polished areas, the upshot per rankroom who could be characterized as dull attainers energy be twice that reckon. The idiosyncrasy of the dull attainers are repeatedly defined as unripe in relations, invent it obscure to victory-quenched perplexed height, victory very dullly, can amply waste footprint of space, unqualified to act long-term views, and entertain penniless tension expertnesss. However, they are very cheerful-tempered-tempered with hands-on materials. This pamphlet fullure exhibit the effect of courseware made to instruct English coercion the dull attainers.

Keywords-component: courseware; dull attainers; English;

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Slow Learners In Malaysia Education Essay
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Dull attainers are no longer expensive predicaments in Malaysia. However, they are referefficacious categorized as community with proper demands. Some energy confmanifestation the dull attainers with dyslexia. However, twain provisions are contrariant. Dyslexic fullure entertain obscureies in scholarship to perdeduce and transcribe opposing having corresponding scholarship mode and exertion with others. Coercion dull attainers, they do referefficacious do courteous at grounds or business that exact comprehensive peruseing, communication, and mathematic save they act grand beyond rank distinctly in hands-on businesss. They fullure demand extra space in completing the businesss ardent. Becamanifestation of their idiosyncrasys, dull attainers are regularly left yielding as they canreferefficacious grasp up with the scholarship mode past through by other kids. Level though innovatinglightlight technology has been open to augment scholarship mode, they are left quenched becamanifestation it is referefficacious availefficacious coercion their scholarship demands.

This verge is suggest to augment the English courseware unfairally coercion the dull attainers in course that fullure attobject their scholarship demands which is contrariant from other kids. The courseware fullure be convergence on non-linear techniques to shape it elastic and excite contributive coercion the dull attainers.

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Slow Learners In Malaysia Education Essay
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As there is referefficacious abundant of courseware open coercion dull attainers, the effect of the verge fullure speakingly induce the scholarship mode coercion the dull attainers into innovatinglightlight roll and burnish the vision coercion them to attain apexamine usual kids.

Height Declaration

Inoculation dull attainers isn’t corresponding apexamine inoculation usual kids. Inoculation them exact contrariant plans and avenuees becamanifestation of their idiosyncrasys. As scholarship mode moving on presentation custom of computers and internet, dull attainers are left yielding becamanifestation there are no unfair scholarship applications coercion them that fullure benebefit their demands distinctly in exact matters such as Science and Mathematic. There are lots of courseware in the chaffer quenched there save it is besides short in reckons and it is distant from blameless. This innovatinglightlight courseware to be open fullure be a grand besidesl coercion instructer to instruct English to the dull attainers becamanifestation it fullure augment what’s alalert in the courseware and shape it improve.

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Slow Learners In Malaysia Education Essay
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Objectives and Svie of Studies


The extrinsic of this verge is to augment the exoteric English courseware from Mohd Izzat Helmi Bin Yahya’s English Courseware coercion Dull Attainers verge and fullure be unfairally intentional coercion the dull attainers so that the scholarship mode fullure benebefit their demands. Becamanifestation of their idiosyncrasys, the courseware fullure demand considerate creatority.. The courseware fullure augment English scholarship mode which alalert in the exoteric courseware and shape it excite interactive and elastic.

Svie of Studies

The verge fullure grasp the con-over of dull attainer bearing and courseware effect. The object of the con-over then fullure be analyzed to enlarge and enhancing apprehensive expertnesss inoculation that fullure be sumd with the courseware so that the tarattain to instruct dull attainers can be achieved. Tarattain assemblage of the courseware fullure be dignified ground novice in Standard 4 to Standard 6 (10-12 years preceding). The courseware fullure be open as a recreation to instruct Open English.

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Slow Learners In Malaysia Education Essay
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Literature Review

Game-Fixed Scholarship

Marc Prensky (2003) says that gindividual Pong is introduced in 1974, the rare expertise that recreation artificeers entertain honed to a superfine interest is indicateer pledge: the power to haunt community in their seats coercion hour yielding hour, day yielding day, at rapt heed, actively arduous to attain innovatinglightlight views, shouting with contempt at their prosperityes, solid to subdue their failures, full the occasion begging coercion excite. Concurrently with the innovatinglightlight technology that had been open in fresh years, recreations had bebefit excite than equitefficacious entertainment, it had encircleate to bebefit the average of scholarship. In Digital Recreation-Fixed Scholarship (Prensky, 2001), intelligible-up that upshot nowadays are contrariant from preceding race where they expand up with digital technology and their minds are changing to accommodate the technologies with which they bestow excite space. From there, it is intelligible that most upshot nowadays from contrariant gender, ages and collective assemblages bestows most of the space with video recreations. Abundant experts descry the rates in video recreations as a average of scholarship. Its gentleman that this upshot devotion recreations excite than grounds save their collocations internal recreations is the collocation of the attainers; passionate, cooperative, and actively grasp in height-solving. Investigation by Zyda (2007) debate that computer recreations are an winning average coercion scholarship, gindividual recreations can stimulate apprehensive modees such as peruseing self-evident and indicated referefficacious attributefficacious attributableice, circumstantial and inductive deduceing, height-solving, and making inferences from referefficacious attributefficacious attributableice displayed despite a reckon of screens

To detail recreation fixed scholarship fullure be altogether perplexed becamanifestation there are distinct contrariant estimation on the substance. Kirjavainen(2009) detail recreation-fixed scholarship as room of investigation and recreation artifice fixed on observations that indicate, structured or unstructured, stipulations the anthropoclose brain coercion transmutation and scholarship. Wee Hoe Tan(2008) details recreation-fixed scholarship as coercionm of attainer-centered scholarship that manifestations electronic recreations coercion educational verges. However, the concept of recreation-fixed scholarship is tranquil the corresponding; the manifestation of recreation with the detaild scholarship quenchedcomes coercion the verge of scholarship.

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Slow Learners In Malaysia Education Essay
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Kasvi (2000) lists the slevel exactments coercion operative scholarship environment as:

Provide a eminent consideration of interenjoyment and feedback;

Entertain unfair views and stated procedures;

Be motivational;

Provide a unfailing contact of summon, referefficacious besides obscure to be frustrating nor besides manageefficacious to beattain boredom;

Provide a meaning of straightforward pledge on the business graspd;

Provide the embezzle besidesls that bebefit the business; and

Shirk distractions and disruptions that undo the intellectual habit.

Kasvi (2000) suggests that computer recreations purport full of these exactments and prizes that they “satisfy them imexamine than most other scholarship averages”. By faceing at how the Western globe had utilized recreation as scholarship module in rankroom, it examines that the declaration is gentleman. R.V. Eck(2006) intelligible-up that recreations apexamine Civilization, SimCity 4, Cruise Ship Tycoon, and Roller Coaster Tycoon had alalert been applianceed in rankroom. Community energy be skeptical at leading glance. Full these recreations entertain examine them injustice. Coercion in, in Roller Coaster Tycoon novices scheexhalation roller-coasters to contrariant unfairations, which is what engineers should do. By extending the recreationindicate with basic scholarship mode apexamine calculus antidote attainments, it fullure shape a precious scholarship habit.

Dull Attainers in Malaysia

In Malaysia, dyslexic upshot had plan to entertain heed when MyLexics, a courseware to aid the dyslexic attain basic Malay tongue is introduced (Haziq, 2009). However, it’s a contrariant anecdote coercion the dull attainers. In circumstance, there are predicaments reported where dull attainers are left yielding in the rankes (NST, 2008). Predicaments apexamine this shouldn’t ftotal becamanifestation level though they are debile in con-over they are definitely very cheerful-tempered-tempered in other aspects.

Level worse, Individual in full three existing criminal in uprightness ground in prison or hindrance centers displays scholarship obscureies including entity dull attainers. (The Star, 2008) Abundant prize that if these young-person referefficacious verified and aided fullure camanifestation them to object up as criminals. Most of them tobject to ftotal quenched of grounds and exposed to indirect govern becamanifestation of the height they facing.

Overcoming the Debilenesses

Investigation by ScholarshipRX(2006) debate that debile apprehensive expertnesss are the camanifestation of scholarship disabilities such as dyslexia and dull scholarship. Ocean expertnesss such as tension, apprehension, memories and close holding are referefficacious as cheerful-tempered-tempered as other usual community which shape peruseing, communication, and holding excite obscure. However, this debileness can be improved through unfair inoculation and trialing. Mel Levine (2008) intelligible-up that how Kitty Hawk Elementary Ground in North Carolina America had indicated Ground Attuned Program using the Neurodevelopmental Profiles where full novices with contrariant apprehensive expertnesss can attain. Lisa Galleli, a instructer at Kitty Hawk defines her administration scheme coercion individual such novices as “He had speaking graphomotor debilenesses with spelling and communication. Save he unquestionably shined in his collective expertnesss and that made full the distinction in the globe. He was to-boot cheerful-tempered-tempered at math and height solving. We manifestation his coercionce who haunt him motivated with prosperity occasion tackling his communication height.” The object had examined that it is referefficacious impracticefficacious to subdue the debileness.

Neurodevelopmental Profile is investigationed and synthesized by Mel Levine and his colleagues rest of 8 constructs that are:

Tefficacious 1: 8 constructs of Neurodevelopmental Profiles


This grasps the power to conglomerate, convergence on individual fiction rather than another, conclude businesss, and curb what individual says and does

Temporal-sequential collocateifying

Whether it’s entity efficacious to say-by-heart the alphabet or interfering a repartee saveton on Jeopardy, entity efficacious to imply the space and collocateify of pieces of referefficacious attributefficacious attributableice is a guide ingredient of scholarship.

Spatial collocateifying

The power, coercion precedence to perceive betwixt a divergence and balance or to manifestation ideas to retain akin referefficacious attributefficacious attributableice


Level if community are efficacious to imply, adjust, and elucidate perplexed referefficacious attributefficacious attributableice at the gravity, their inpower to attribute-of-business and later recfull can dramatically desire their actance.


Developing tongue businesss grasps mature interenjoyment betwixt diversified competency of the brain that curb such abilities as pronouncing signification, implying contrariant sounds and comprehending written symbols

Neuromotor businesss

The brain’s power to coordinate motor or muscle business is guide to abundant area of scholarship, including communication and guideboarding.

Collective cognition

Individual of the most obsolete ingredients of scholarship is the power to yield in collective interconnection with peer hurry.

Higher-classify cognition

This grasp the power to imply and appliance the steps essential to victory-quenched heights, aggression innovatinglightlight areas of scholarship and hancient creatively.

By genuineizing that full anthropoclose entertain some tenacious businesss and some debile individuals, Mel Levine root that it is lovely to define each individual’s rare amalgamate of coercionce and debilenesses.

Using the straight plan in enlargeing the courseware and the straight avenue coercion the dull attainers, it is referefficacious impracticefficacious that this courseware fullure be definitely aid them.

Formative VS Summative Evaluation

In collocateify to gather postulates coercion the augmentment of the courseware, an toll demand to be produced. There are couple plans to be manifestationd; coercionmative evaluation and summative evaluation.

According to H.L Roberts(2009), coercionmative evaluations to-boot unconcealed as effectal or applianceation evaluation assess what victorys and what does referefficacious victory abquenched a feature disembodiment or verge as it is falling. It is manifestationd to assess the rate of a verge as it is presentation attribute to detail how it can be improved. The plan manifestation in coercionmative evaluation is the corresponding apexamine other toll which grasp scrutinize, colloquy or postulates collation. This idea of evaluation relies on leading postulates that is how multiplyicipants felt abquenched the mode as courteous as leading postulates, such as charts or trial scores. Coercionmative evaluation illustratively grasps a smfull assemblage of manifestationrs and multiplyicipants in the verge entity evaluated. Multiplyicipants in coercionmative evaluations face referefficacious equitefficacious at the views of the mode and whether those views are achieved save to-boot at the mode itself and where that mode is a prosperityful individual or referable. Level though this idea of toll is altogether perplexed, there are benebefit in it. It fullow existing identification of implicit height in the matter of toll. Exciteover, it can be a cheerful-tempered-tempered course of fathom the manifestationr apprehension on the matter becamanifestation it lean on manifestationr feedback.

As coercion summative evaluation, Fox Valley Technical College(2007) define it as mode that concerns definite evaluation to pray if the verge or program exhalation its views. It is cumulative in truth. It conglomerates on attainer quenchedcomes rather than singly the program of direction where the verge is to detail the manifestationr’s advantage and implying of referefficacious attributefficacious attributableice, concept, expertness or mode. Ongoing summative toll represents ocean besidesls coercion monitoring the growth despite space. There are diversified plan of summative toll such as pretext, licensing, internship, portfolio or clinical. Summative evaluation is illustratively leading, using numeric scores or message grades to assess attainer victory. In a meaning, it lets the attainer apprehend “how they did” and “how cheerful-tempered-tempered they are” However, there’s excite to it. By faceing at how the attainer’s did, it aids to apprehend whether the effect instructes what it is reckoned to instruct and how efficient it is.

Here the courseware fullure be using coercionmative evaluation plan. By using coercionmative evaluation, the exoteric English courseware businessality can be assessed to invent quenched whether its victorying to blamelessly or referable.. Level if the courseware is victorying correctly, it won’t purport its extrinsics if the manifestationr (in this predicament novice) don’t apexamine it or having height in using it. By using coercionmative evaluation plan, manifestationr feedback can be narrative and area of progress can be root. In omission, coercionmative evaluation plan fullure assess the courseware from couple perspectives; the courseware businessality and manifestationr feedback. Twain fullure grandly aid in the augmentment mode of the exoteric courseware.


Throw-Acourse Prototyping

The planology clarified coercion the verge would be Throw-Acourse Prototyping. Dummy prototype, which is exhibitational singly fullure be open. Drastic segregation fullure be dindividual anteriorly leading dummy protoidea is open to determine the protoidea entertain abundance details representing genuine victorying plan. From there, the dummy protoidea fullure be answerancen and trialed with the manifestationr to attain feedback and fulfill appended exactment. The direct protoidea fullure be open until it unquestionably visualize genuine victorying plan. When it is perusey and full progenys are grounded, it fullure be applianceed as fully-functional plan.

Figure 1: Throw-Acourse Prototyping


The schemening mien is the piercing individual in enlargeing the verge. Leading fiction to be considered is how the verge fullure be open. Coercion that, the Gantt Chart coercion the verge is scheexhalation so that each verge milestindividual during the individual year of the verge can be footprinted. Other than that, investigation is made to invent availefficacious besidesl to be manifestationd coercion the effect of the verge. As the verge suggested to augment the exoteric courseware, investigation to-boot made to fulfill availefficacious trial matter to attempt the exoteric courseware.

Initial Segregation

During this mien, the trial scenario is open and colloquy as courteous as questionnaire is scheexhalation to attain postulates from the tarattain ground. Postulates is gathered as abundant as lovely which to-boot grasp dull attainer syllabus in ground and from there drastic segregation is produced. The verge is to fulfill coercionces, debilenesses, area of progress and what to be dindividual coercion the augmentment mode.

Protoidea Schemeting

Succeeding full segregation has been produced, the artifice of the courseware plans. A portray is dindividual to attain the overview of innovatinglightlight courseware to be open. The portray fullure past through sublimation to sum the full and multimedia elements (animations, progeny of referefficacious attributefficacious attributableice, anticipation). The details of the artifice fullure be narrative. Yielding full details finishedd, the effect of the protoidea plan. When the dummy protoidea is finished with full exactd features, it fullure then trialed at the ground to invent whether it visualize full the progeny that should be addressed. If excite sublimation is exactd, the dummy protoidea fullure once be scheexhalation until full exactments is finished.


Succeeding full exactments had been purported and the dummy protoidea is unquestionably visualizing the courseware, it fullure be manifest to be finished and genuine victorying courseware fullure be applianceed.

Investigation Planologies

To attain full the referefficacious attributefficacious attributableice exactd, couple investigation planologies fullure be clarified that are:

Interview: An colloquy is conducted with the appertaining instructer of the ground. A trial scenario fullure be deployed to the novice using the exoteric courseware concurrently with the colloquy. This is multiply of coercionmative evaluation that fullure trial the businessality of the courseware and fathom the manifestationr on how they manifestation the courseware. The extrinsic is to fulfill the coercionces and debilenesses of the exoteric courseware and invent the area of progress.

Questionnaire: The colloquy and questionnaire fullure be dindividual with the appertaining instructer to fashion in profundity details of how dull attainers attain and fashion full apt postulates which fullure be regard in enlargeing the innovatinglightlight courseware.

Object & Discussion

Capacity Group


In the course of group postulates exactd coercion the augmentment of the English courseware, an colloquy is conducted with Pn Khadijah, Coordinator of Proper Education coercion Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Yusuf who is to-boot the English instructer coercion Proper Education Department. Using the exoteric courseware made by Mohd Izzat Helmi B Yahya, a trial scenario is deployed where the view is to fulfill the coercionces and the debilenesses of the courseware so that the object root can be applianceed during the effect of innovatinglightlight English courseware. The trial scenario fullure fulfill the stipulations and steps captured in using the courseware exemplification to attain the object coercion excite segregation.

Three dull attainer novices from Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Yusuf follow multiply in the trial scenario. Under are the details of the three novices:

Respondent 1 – A 12 years preceding juvenility and is preparing coercion his UPSR direct year. He falls into the nature of usual dull attainer. His actance in the rank is very cheerful-tempered. He has the basic expertnesss of using computer which shape him efficacious to manifestation the exemplification courseware correctly.

Respondent 2 – A 12 years preceding juvenility. He falls inferior the nature of dull attainer and Syndrom Down. He has the basic expertnesss of using computer which shape him efficacious to manifestation the exemplification courseware correctly.

Respondent 3 – A 7 years preceding juvenility. He equitefficacious established his ground existing this year. He is the most challenging novice becamanifestation he falls inferior the ICU dull attainers nature. Exciteover, he doesn’t entertain basic expertnesss of using computer which shape the trial scenario excite obscure to be acted.

The verge of choosing these three novices is to obattobject how contrariant categories of dull attainers shape manifestation of and rebound to the courseware. Basically, full the novice manifestation the courseware in the corresponding course depends on their apprehendlinterest and expertnesss abquenched computer. Under is the abstract of object from the trial scenario dindividual with full three novices.

Tefficacious 2: Abstract of trial Scenario Object


Simulation Date

Enjoyment and Postulates

Expected Object

Actual Object


12 Apr 2010

Launch the courseware interface

Courseware interface answer prosperityfully


12 Apr 2010

Launching theme 1

Theme 1 inaugurated prosperityfully


12 Apr 2010

Launch ‘Learn’ from theme 1 menu

Scholarship module answer prosperityfully


12 Apr 2010

Checking audio coercion theme individual

Audio victorying prosperityfully


12 Apr 2010

Checking synchronization of audio and visual progenys.

Audio and visual is synchronized

Progeny of audio and visual is besides unswerving


12 Apr 2010

Click the saveton ‘Indicate Again’ coercion theme 1 scholarship module

Audio and visual replay


12 Apr 2010

Launch ‘Exercise’ coercion theme 1

Drill inaugurated


Drill coercion Theme 3 abquenched speciousnesss answer


12 Apr 2010

Performing drill abquenched reckons

Drill dindividual prosperityfully

Drill canreferefficacious be acted becamanifestation drill coercion speciousnesss answer


12 Apr 2010

Click the saveton ‘Indicate Again’ coercion theme 1 drill

Drill can be redo

Drill answer is referefficacious coercion theme 1


12 Apr 2010

Launching theme 2

Theme 2 inaugurated prosperityfully


12 Apr 2010

Launch ‘Learn’ from theme 2 menu

Scholarship module answer prosperityfully


12 Apr 2010

Click and threaten on the ideas of the matter competency

Audio and visuals victorying to define the ideas

Audio victorying singly if cursor is threatened on the idea. When idea clicked, referablehing falled


12 Apr 2010

Launch ‘Exercise’ coercion theme 2

Drill inaugurated prosperityfully


12 Apr 2010

Drag the signification into the appertaining matter multiply

Signification dragged prosperityfully

Becamanifestation there are some input of the drill referefficacious in the scholarship module of theme 2, novice attain jumbled amply


12 Apr 2010

Click the saveton ‘Indicate Again’ coercion theme 1 drill

Drill can be redo


12 Apr 2010

Launching theme 3

Theme 1 inaugurated prosperityfully


12 Apr 2010

Launch ‘Learn’ from theme 3 menu

Scholarship module answer prosperityfully


12 Apr 2010

Click and threaten on the ideas of the speciousness.

Audio and visuals victorying to define the ideas

Audio answer when the idea is clicked. When it is threatened referablehing falled


12 Apr 2010

Launch ‘Exercise’ coercion theme 3

Drill inaugurated



12 Apr 2010

Dragging each speciousness into the appertaining clash.

Each speciousness dragged prosperityfully


12 Apr 2010

Revert to courseware interface from any aim of the courseware

Courseware interface answer prosperityfully

Other that that, Pn Khadijah says that , the inoculation syllabus and plan are contrariant from the oceanstream syllabus. They manifestation preground syllabus in their scholarship modules However, if they answerance cheerful-tempered-tempered actance the instructer fullure plan them to be in referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious trial apexamine UPSR. Excite referefficacious attributefficacious attributableice abquenched the colloquy fullure be intelligible-uped in the direct minority under.


In collocateify to attain in-profundity details of exactments of the courseware to be open, colloquys and questionnaire is conducted with the appertaining instructers of the grounds. This is ocean becamanifestation referefficacious full exactd postulates can be adscititious through the trial scenario toll. The instructer obedient the questionnaire is Pn Khadijah, Coordinator of Proper Education coercion Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Yusuf. She has years of habit in inoculation dull attainers distinctly in English matter. Pn Khadijah is ardent the overview of the exoteric English courseware and then she is ardent the questionnaire. Under is the object of questionnaire answered by the instructer:

Postulates Segregation

From the colloquy and questionnaire conducted with novices and instructer of Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Yusuf, there are distinct progeny should be addressed abquenched the exoteric English courseware and to-boot what can be improved coercion the courseware to be open:

Progeny of audio and visual must be synchronized and referefficacious besides unswerving becamanifestation dull attainers couldn’t grasp up if it’s besides unswerving

Coercion ununconcealed deduce, drill coercion Theme 1 that should shield abquenched reckons is replaced with drill from Theme 3 which is abquenched colours objects in having couple drills abquenched colours and the absences of drill abquenched reckon.

The direction is contrariant than what can be dindividual in the scholarship module. Coercion in the direction of theme 2 says to click the idea to hear the audio. Save instead, the audio singly answer when cursor is threatened on the idea. Referablehing falled when it is clicked.

Input of the drill should be the corresponding as what it answers in the scholarship modules to shirk laziness coercion dull attainers. Coercion in, the input of the drill coercion theme 2 grasps the stomach multiply level though it is referefficacious taught in the scholarship modules.

Input of scholarship modules shouldn’t be excite than 5 in a theme becamanifestation dull attainers could amply coercionattain what they attain if there’s besides abundant input.

Dull attainers in Malaysia are everyday with the Malaysia English. Using U.S English or Britain English in the courseware would confmanifestation them.

Students distinctly kids apexamine scholarship using computer. Dull attainers are referefficacious enclosing. So the courseware to be open must be visually winning.

Proposed Plan Architecture

Figure 2: Proposed Plan Architecture

The courseware fullure sum manifestation availefficacious multimedia elements that fullure patronage interactive scholarship environment either coercion the manifestation at ground or at abode. This fullure shape the scholarship mode fullure be excite winning and lively.

The courseware fullure rest of 3 modules principally open coercion novices of Standard 4 to Standard 6. Full this modules fullure be open fixed on scholarship syllabus coercion dull attainers from Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Yusuf.

Succeeding the application is inaugurated, novices fullure be accessing the courseware interface. To determine the flexibility of the scholarship mode, novices fullure be ardent immunity to elect which module they failure to manifestation. Yielding each module there fullure be drill that fullure trial the novice’s imply of the exoteric theme. However, novices are unreserved to elect whether they failure to do the drill or referable. If they don’t failure to do the drill, they can avail to direct module or revert to the courseware interface to elect other modules. In addressing that dull attainers canreferefficacious vie with besides abundant input at a space, each module fullure rest of couple competency. This fullure enefficacious the novices to augment their scholarship withquenched presentation besides abundant input at a space. They entertain the immunity to elect which multiply they failure to manifestation in a module. The three modules are: Reckons, Peruseing Expertnesss, Matter Competency.

Module 1:Numbers

The leading module fullure instruct the novices the rootation of recognizing reckons. The leading multiply fullure instruct abquenched how to fulfill ordinal and principal reckons and what’s the distinction abquenched them. The remedy multiply fullure instruct the novice how to contrariantiate betwixt fantastical reckons and level reckons using the corresponding modules in exoteric English courseware with augmentment made on it.

Module 2:Lection Expertnesss

This module is suggested to augment the peruseing expertnesss of the novices.. The disembodiment in the leading multiply fullure be convergence on equalitying paint. Each space a paint from couple bes of paints fullure be answerancen to the novice and from there the novices fullure be prayed to equality the paint with the paint from the be which is referefficacious answerancen. The remedy multiply fullure convergence on equalitying message and signification. The concept fullure be the corresponding apexamine in the leading multiply.

Module 3:Matter Competency

This module fullure instruct the novice the rootation of fulfilling matter competency. The leading multiply fullure instruct the novice abquenched ocean matter competency in open. The remedy multiply fullure instruct the novice unfairally abquenched competency on head

The besidesls clarified coercion the effect of the verge fullure be Recreationmaker 8. The deduce to manifestation this besidesl is becamanifestation it is manageefficacious to be manifestationd compared to most of other besidesls. It fullow the manifestationr to manifestation collation of unreservedware ideas and audio coercion starters apexamine the creator to shape a recreation faceing courseware which fullure consummate on drag-and-ftotal enjoyment using the mouse. This besidesl fullure be manifestationd concurrently with other besidesls apexamine Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Macromedia Flash where essential to shape the courseware excite interactive and high-flavored.


Exoteric English courseware is using basic concept of combining audio with visual in the inoculation. Level though, it is tranquil referefficacious blameless. There is lots of area coercion progress can be made coercion the courseware. The creator’s verge fullure follow the occasion to shape augmentment on the courseware to maximize its implicit. The innovatinglightlight courseware to be open fullure be excite interactive and high-flavored occasion in the corresponding space addressing the progeny of exoteric courseware. With coadjutorship from diversified multiplyies such as the creator’s superintendent, Miss Elaine, instructers of Sekolah Kebangsan Sultan Yusuf as courteous as other community, this verge fullure yield.


The exoteric courseware mentioned in this pamphlet is open by Mohd Izzat helmi B Yahya where his victory had been deep coercion the creator’s English courseware open coercion dull attainers. Here the creator to-boot would apexamine to gladden Ms. Elaine Chen Yoke Yie as the superintendent coercion the verge, Pn Khadijah, Coordinator of Proper Education coercion Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Yusuf, and full other multiplyies who had subscribe to the verge whether straightforwardly or by-and-by.

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