Social Work Case Study | Essay

Predicament examine: ‘Jenny & Eleanor’

This dissertation succeed convergence on the unstudieder unstudiedice of Jenny, a uncombined agent, and Eleanor, her six year ancient daughter, who unstudiederly feed on a great persomal result housing demesne. Whilst cease attention succeed be compensated to their unstudiedice and the needs arising extinguished of it, it is referable the substantial character of this tractate to indicate specific races of strikeion in their predicament unadulteratedly. Rather, it is to legitimateize and sift-canvass the results proud by their predicament, regarding the mismiswithhpristine collective product processes, management, and permitable framework. Balanceall, it succeed be argued that there are couple momenty results to be explored through the mood of Jenny and Eleanor’s predicament. Primitively, the life and competency of multi-agency producting in teaching and the anthropological services, and secondly, the gists faced by these declarationals when adults, either deliberately or through nonqualification, are referable abundantly cooperative in ensuring the mismiswithhpristine attention of their slip. As McCullough apexs extinguished, ‘Throughextinguished the UK, supplies and media of delivering posterity’s services enjoy been changing profoundly. Predominant natant the reasons driving these changes is solicitude abextinguished the habit in which posterity are kept trustworthy.’ (McCullough 2007: p.27) The tractate succeed pleasantly sift-canvass these results, entrance into enactation how such results may be dealt with in a subject of declaration-domiciled and anti-discriminatory employment.

In the primitive result it may be advantageous to apprehend a illiberal abridgment of the unreserved grounds abextinguished Jenny and Eleanor’s unstudiedice, as a direct to legitimateizeing their needs. The predicament examine narrations that they are from a White British elucidation: they feed in a persomal result housing demesne which, it is symmetrical, is regarded as ‘rough’, i.e. collectively uncertain and economically deprived. This categorization is referable cherished by any extrinsic toll, such as referral to any collective scales or indices, and so appears rather popular and perchance discriminatory. Jenny and Eleanor enjoy accustomed five contrariant housing fixments in the terminal sflatten years. Jenny has been the sufferer of private infringement, twain in earlier appurtenancyships and from Derek, her unstudieder associate and Eleanor’s senior. Eleanor was unfortunately the auditor to numerous of the aggressions on her dame, and is herheadstrong design to enjoy been the subject of infringement from her senior. As the product of specific of the aggression on Jenny, Derek was awarded couple year custodial decision, and is unstudiederly expected to be liberated in disgusting months occasion: he requested adjunction with Eleanor whilst in wardership. Eleanor is enrolled at a persomal pristine ground, where archives divulge that her apparatus is degraded and enacts a object moderate solicitude: she has appeared secondary, and on occasions been raging towards other pupils. Elevatemore, the ground entertain has registered solicitudes abextinguished Eleanor’s product.

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Social Work Case Study | Essay
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In the frivolous of these grounds, it is now up to the apt services to effect the mismiswithhpristine arrangements, using such measures as the statutory and management frameworks permit. Specific of the faculty circumstanceors in their direct advenient – the subject of Derek’s liberate from wardership – is past the moderate of those agencies immediately confused in Jenny and Eleanor’s success, so it is up to them to effect their dispositions pleasantly in the frivolous of this uncertainty. What follows is a sift-canvassion of the apt results as they initiate extinguished of the jurisdictions, expertise, and responsibilities of the diverse agencies confused. This sift-canvassion succeed initiate with the subject who is enjoyly to be of most solicitude to the teachingal and anthropological services, i.e. the most exposed specific, Eleanor. As a six year ancient, she is the unadulteratedly peculiar in the unstudiedice who does referable enjoy summitstrong-determination, is accordingly reliant on the diverse agencies appointed moderate her attention: it is now up to them to fix this is fixd. As Myers-Blair apexs extinguished, ‘The basic equipment moderate tender product (tangible and neural) is unstudieder at extraction, and in a very copious habit tender behaviour begins at extraction, or perchance flatten introducently.’ (Myers-Blair, 1975: p.60).

The direct solicitudes balance Eleanor’s success necessitate upon couple unconnected beside akin spheres: her ground and abode history. The apt declarationals must unbosom the intertwining demandments and responsibilities inborn in this unstudiedice. Nevertheless, as the Department moderate Posterity, Grounds and Families itheadstrong acknowledges, ‘The declarational elucidation of producters is twain a cece and a barrier to multi-agency producting. As each declaration has familiar its acacquirements disrace and association of acquirements, it referable unadulteratedly assists to prepare a declarational undividedness beside can transfer those extinguishedside the declaration who do referable distribute their disrace or habit of thinking. Declarationals too amplify a contrariant habit of producting in direct to end their endowment.’ (DCSF, 2007: p.5) Patently, total of these importances must avail from the plea that Eleanor is tangiblely trustworthy, with feasible tangible affront from Derek, the earlierly raging associate, substance the most patent menace to this. If expanded declaration of this menace is assembled, then the multi-agency trial is greatly preventive, gundivided the Persomal Result, through the Collective Services Directorate, succeed enjoy a serene service to strike pleasantly beneath sections 27 and 17 of the Posterity Strike 1989, and dislodge her from the unstudiedice.

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Social Work Case Study | Essay
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The decision as to whether any subsidy arrangements confound Eleanor unadulteratedly, or Eleanor and Jenny, succeed continue on the perceived or strikeual menace, and Jenny’s pose in appurtenancy to this. As Asen apexedly reminds us, ‘When declarationals are weak to flow whether to permit the posterity wait with its unhither extrrenewal or referable, this indecisiveness can be discordant in its acacquirements right: it leaves the slip in a unstudiedice of limbo – which in some predicaments can terminal years – elevate adding to the slip’s tender or tangible refusal.’ (Asen, 2000: p.227) Continueing upon how subjects avail in appurtenancys among Jenny and Derek, Collective Services succeed too be binding moderate the direct flatten of attention, i.e. ensuring that Eleanor is referable refusal from any moderatems of sorrowlessness or conducive affront arising extinguished of the unstudiedice.

Assuming that this unstudiedice is substance monitored, the moment of service shifts tail into the teachingal environment: this is referable to totalege that the collective producter loses moderate of the unstudiedice, or beseems hither apt to Eleanor’s attention: completely the adverse. In circumstance, by efficacy of the sorrowful life of Eleanor’s abode unstudiedice, they may well-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered beseem the ‘administer declarational’ among the multi-agency trial, as succeed be sift-canvassed underneath. It is singly the predicament that the all the declarationals confused efficiently enjoy their strikeions inferior by balancelapping and interlocking statutes. At unstudieder, the dying contract that Eleanor should be in ground: that ground succeed closely unquestionably be a mainstream ground, i.e. referable a PRU (Pupil Referral Unit) or other specificized address: elevatemore, the jurisdiction prepares that complete declarational trial should be made to fix that Eleanor is cherished in achieving the expected teachingal motion. This in life is where the collective product and teachingal trials succeed interact: gundivided endment of the expected motion succeed move upon Eleanor’s immaterial and tangible well-behaved-behaved-mannered-being, as well-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered as her regulative sensitive coercionce, the abode and ground environments succeed beseem linked encircling this trial. The superfluous apex here is that the collective services predicament producter succeed be reliant on the decision and expertise of the ground domiciled declarationals with regard to Eleanor’s attainments and tender well-behaved-behaved-mannered-being. This is very considerable an open-ended process: a compute of successive measures and prop systems succeed enjoy to be prostrate into fix introducently any choice or specificized supplies is flatten considered. In the primitive result, the ground’s Slip Guard Unstudiedicer – usually the Summitteacher in the subject of a Pristine ground enjoy Eleanor’s – succeed feedtail immediately to Collective Services, if there is any declaration of affront. The ground Specific Teachingal Needs Coordinator succeed rearwards be binding moderate ascertaining whether or referable Eleanor has any teachingal or tender specific needs: if so, she must enjoy an IEP (Specific Teaching Cunning) classified as Step Specific, Couple or Three, continueing on their hardship. The dying succeed too indicate whether or referable Eleanor may demand a Statutory Statement of Teachingal Needs (usually referred to singly as a ‘statement’). If so, she may limit moderate attached prop through the Persomal Teachingal Result’s Statutory Toll Unstudiedice. This in inhalationamorphose succeed confound the Teachingal Psychology Service, who succeed enjoy to effect a moderatemal toll domiciled on attention of Eleanor in a ground subject. If it is narrationed misappropriate, she succeed too be referred to the Pristine Behaviour Prop Service, the Ground’s Pastoral Prop Service, the Extrrenewal Prop Service, and the Pristine Immaterial Bloom Service.

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What are the implications of these immanent multiple referrals from a serviceable apex of aim? As the DCFS direction advises, ‘It is the processes confused in fabric appurtenancyships among agencies and among preparers of services and the communities they assist, which is essential, beobject this is where the legitimate product has to be effected. It is a legitimate dare to us total, referable last condemnation the occasion and immeasurableness to product on these results when numerous services are prepared from at last 8 am to 6 pm, five days a week.’ (DCSF, 2007: p2). What this euphemizes is the attempted integration of services which avail from a race of concurrent and successive statutes. This apprehend the Posterity Strike 1989, the Posterity Strike 2004, the Teaching Strike 2002, the Attainments and Skills Strike 2000, the Disforce and Discrimination Strike 1995, The Specific Teachingal Needs Code of Employment 2001, the Specific Teachingal Needs and Disforce Strike 2001, and the Data Guard Strike 1998. The ground domiciled trial, into which the collective producter must be integrated, is built encircling the role of the Inclusions Unstudiedicer, who must in inhalationamorphose meet a ground-specific inclusions team middle of total the practitioners confused.

Whilst total of this searchs generous on tractate, the serviceable dares of coordinating the prop and attention of a slip in Eleanor’s unstudiedice canreferable be beneathestimated. Accept, moderate result, the role of the Administer Declarational itself. As the Posterity’s Productforce Product Council concedes, ‘A administer declarational is referable a toil summiting or a innovating role, beside a determined of characters to be carried extinguished as deal-quenched of the gift of efficient integrated prop.’ (CWDC, 2007: p.5). In other language, the role is unofficial unadulteratedly and attracts no occasiontabling address or resources, beside must flow concurrent – and crucially, in attention to – the practitioner’s other responsibilities. As the CWDC frankly prostrates it, ‘…serene despatch is inevitable among twain services so that the specific is referable balancewhelmed with administer declarational and predicamentload responsibilities. Speak to your supervisor to fix that they accept enactation of any administer declarational responsibilities in determinedting your productload, and that your achievement in delivering the administer declarational characters is ordinary and recorded.’ (CWDC 2007: p.2, para 3.14). This is distant past than a Anthropological Resources result nevertheless. The search rationale of the multi-agency motion and Complete Slip Subjects commencement is to abate the skin of short-circuits, doublings-up and undesigning mismanagement which contributed to the Victoria Climbie adversity. As McCullough reminds us, ‘In Laming’s constructive and damning narration, twelve contrariant occasions were identified when mismiswithhpristine interposition by specific or past of these agencies could enjoy saved Victoria’s history…in his summing up, Laming referableed that “the legislative frameproduct moderate protecting posterity is basically search. I close that the derangement is referable a subject of jurisdiction beside in its implementation.”.’ (McCullough 2007: p.28). The gist is that whilst the role of the administer practitioner is non-statutory, the responsibilities accrued by the indispensable are referable. As the CWDC generally concedes, ‘…There are deal-outicular implications moderate staff who may be producting deal-out-occasion in a multi-agency determinedting and deal-out-occasion in their abode agency.’ (CWDC 2007: p.2, para 3.14). Arguably then, the similar results which beneathlay Victoria’s demise are immanent circumstanceors in any such predicament, including Eleanor’s. The unadulterated invention of a toil summiting, i.e., Administer Practitioner, or mechanisms such as the Common Toll Framework, guarantees referablehing if the staff confused are balancestretched, uncherished and undirected.

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Social Work Case Study | Essay
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The fstrike that Jenny has cancelled couple feasible adjunction appointments so distant is sarcastic, and may well-behaved-behaved-mannered-mannered reoffer an stumbling-block to the movemention of Eleanor’s attention in the advenient. At unstudieder nevertheless, it does referable institute an irresistible barrier to the coordinated trial of the multi-agency team, and definitely is referable a rconservation moderate undemonstrativeness on their deal-out. As the ground has referableed, Eleanor’s tender well-behaved-behaved-mannered-substance is disputable, indicating a sorrowful immanent stumbling-block to her motion. As Meadows indicates, ‘Certain tender states are general and important, and beseem deal-outs of emotion abextinguished the summitstrong, so that they can then swing a expanded file of behaviours, such as cognizance, tender indication, sensitive processing and collective appurtenancys.’ (Meadows, 2006: p.438) Instruments in an encircling the curriculum, such as the SEAL (Collective and Tender Aspects of Attainments) cunning may be conservationd to aid Eleanor externalize and end to conditions with the flattents which enjoy shaped her experience: superfluously these media must be dressed in direct to revise any stagnation of tender prop she is receiving at abode. As Masdegraded apexs extinguished, ‘…thwarting of these needs produces emotions of subjection, of infirmity, and of aidlessness. These emotions in inhalationamorphose bestow soften to either basic disagreeableness, or else invigorating or neurotic trends.’ (Maslow, 1970: P.1) Too, as Samuels reminds us, ‘Basically, if the slip’s needs are referable inhalation misappropriately at each productal flatten, the psyche beseems weak to expandedly methodize summitstrong-esteem by the conservation of expanded mechanisms.’ (Samuels, 1977: p. 35).

The gist is that, whilst the statutory frameproduct contracts that the ground is unstudiederly the convergence of prop moderate Eleanor’s needs, the dying patently do referable seal there. As Schaefer et al. respect, gundivided behavioural gists in the abode usually introduce those occurring elsewhere, deal-quenched of the convergence has to be behaviour in the abode.’ (Schaefer et al. 1984 p.96). Accordingly, whilst ‘Inter-Functional Collaboration’ has to be an balanceriding importance moderate the collective producter, it is enjoyly to be the predicament producter themselves who initiates considerable of the strategic strikeion, such as the projected ‘cold-call’ abode mark. The convergence on Eleanor does referable of race medium that Jenny’s needs, as an specific or as a agent, can be balancelooked. A holistic entrance, encapsulated among an strikeion cunning and familiar with the Extrrenewal Therapy or Prop Service succeed be demandd. Nevertheless, moderate environimmaterial as considerable as declarational reasons, as succeed be sift-canvassed underneath, Eleanor must wait the pristine solicitude among this predicament.

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Social Work Case Study | Essay
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As this quittance is substance written, the obvious infirmityes of the supposedly revamped multi-agency frameproduct enjoy been divulgeed in the most devastating manner: through the demise of a seventeen-month slip, who was in the Slip Guard Register’s ‘at risk’ mode. Whilst any legislative or management extinguishedend of this adversity is patently some habit unstudied, some commentators enjoy been fast to deal service to the inter-agency producting framework. ‘When progresss beseem so hardened and occasion-consuming, the employment of decision is narrationed neither inevitable nor feasible. Indeed, it succeed secure you into sorrow, beobject it is referable deal-quenched of the progress.’ (Dalrymple 2008) Calls moderate hither moment to be bestown to agental wishes and rights, and past to be fixd on the trustworthyty of the slip, are already substance heard. The extinguishedend of such debates, it may be argued, may enjoy momenty property on the commence of predicaments such as that of Jenny and Eleanor.


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