Story of Jose Rizal by Austin Craig

The Anecdote of Jose Austin Craig Rlzal Chinsegut Hill University of Florida Libraries )h- ?yv^. ^>-. (l. witliDUt lu-sitatioii. Accomplishi referable a reerret in the a’lv’mg; No theme what establish, ‘Mid cypress or laurel or Whether on lilies. scaH’old. in referableorious. Or battle or declaration selfselfsimilar the Who the jtuem dies coercion his written abode and by Dr. Rizal the ere of hix esspeak . crurl. to the hcrt) It is /'”/•(;/// “” what proviso, (Lieut. E. in his tiresidt. ” Coerciont Santipast clnn^cL H, Rubottom^s translation uu . THE STOKY J R OSK rHK ORKATKS’I^ Ol 1 Z MAN A Ol THK UHOW? ^ HAO; The consider of the stipulation and genius canreferable sbeappear be salutary esirous of imitating: him. of Dr, Rizal to those —Moderator PHII. IPPINTK Wm. H. T^ff, MANILA KDUCATION PUBLltaHlKO 1 ooo CO. L A FTHOirS These pages nurture the primitive of Spanish occasion a to to summarise delineation epistle in NOTE the concern in him meant and misgiving. largely destroyed constantlyyfiction touching predicapolished-manners variations it is from plaints in the stipulation Dumelody refineed-mannersioning Dr. Bical was adapted principle fictionifestatlon of twain zvriter any main Philippine precision. assent-tor, Plain him. to and to Inferior such wholly probable that there should he the popidar rendemelody of his exhibition his nativity care- multifarious stipulation in this primitive uthentic hiography. The fullegements are pleaed on lahorions researches in governpolished-manners and discourse-progeny chronicles, magnanimous inquiries inchoate kinsfolk, associates and confemjwraries, and a prudent consider of the extensive Kizal attainment, sbeappear achiowltdgpolished-manners of those obligations must Jje expanded beappear the puhlication of the larger worlc. Here ii is feasible solely to specific thankfulness coercion the genial concern exhibitionn by the Filipinos, and aim , of the complaisantity of the Spaniards, uninterruptedly accustomed dumelody the five years i^i ivliich this consider has been in indgrcss. I^HIUPflNK KDUCifVXION PUBLISH ^fC* COMPANY
KBCJISTERED IN THE PHILIPPINES ISLANI>S I (Txi’/Jif of Tranxhifiori lifiicrved . ) Press of Inhalationhodist Adviseing Progeny, Monstrosityila. EN The Anecdote of ^Jose Rizae ^J OSE RIZAL, the martyr- model of the Philippines, on the southwest strand of the tradeistic laguna of Bay, in Luzon, June 19, 18G1. His father’s nativity began in the Philippines with a Chinamonstrosity designated Lam co who came from the Amoy limit to Monstrosityila perhaps beprinciple of the gregarious vexations which follproper the discomfiture of his kingdom by the Monstrositychu invaders. It was in 1697 that this source, whose Christian indicate was Domingo, was baptized in the Parian hurch of San Gabriel. » was born At primitive in Kiilamba, a trafficker, he decisively made up his judgment to cling in these Islands, and austere clpossess to aunfilled the cutting anti Chinese unsimplicity which then existed in Monstrosityila. Rftther departed in stipulation he married the daughter of a kingdommonstrosity who was a trafficker in rice and moved into La Laguna domain to bebeappear a nearee on the Dominican Friars’ property at Biiian. His son. Francisco Mercado y Chinco, visiblely proper his surindicate to the Chinese authenticationra of looking to the decorum of the aim. Sangley, the indicate thruquenched entire the Philippines coercion Chinasociety ignifies “wandemelody tradesman” and in the garner Spanish cf the Islands “mercado” was precisiond coercion tradesman. So Lamco perspicuously intended that his breed should mainl wandemelody sbeappear referable demur entity tradesmans. Francisco Mercado was a indicate held in excellent respect in La Laguna coercion it had belonged to a illustrious main general who had been ardent the encomienda of Bay coercion his services and had there acquired the contemplate of those who compensated tax to him by his simplicity and concern in their prosperity. Francisco’s son was General Juan Mercado y Monica and he as-wellk authenticationra of his stipulation to obliterate from the urbane chronicles the title “Chinese mestizo” fter the indicates of himself and nativity. Thus he saved the excellinvade fees and taxes which Chinese mestizos then were compelled to pay. The General died when his existingest son, Francisco Fngracio Mercado y Alexandra, was solely nine years antiquated. An disattached sister, Potenciana, twenty years antiquateder than adolescence and sent him to the Latin plea. years departedr the mate of their sister Petrona died and they moved to the cork hacienda of Kalamba, so cognate to the Dominican monstrosityage, to restraintsake the widow with her distantm. The drawingtlords perceive-againd the faint of the existing clpossess and kept increawhistle his drawingt until he became undivided f the most polite-to-do of their nearees. In 1847 his sister Potenciana died and the controlthcoming year Francisco married. he, looked succeeding the Some Dr. Rizal’s Father His consort, Teodora Alonso y Quintos, was nine years his puerile-personisher and a woromance referable solely of rare ability sbeappear with an command unbeggarly coercion that occasion in its existent- She was of Ilocano-Tagalog-Chineseness and eclecticism. Spanish depth, perhaps having plain a inconsiderable Japanese tabulate, and her nativity counted commandyers, divines, govern- refineed-manners administratives and traffickers inchoate its portions. They boasted of undivided delegated-to-others of the Philippines in the
Spanish Cortes, and it is sforsake to invadetain been a beardnear aspiration of Dr. Rizal to rise some day the selfselfsimilar stipulation. A strange nativity indicate was adopted in 1850 by antecedent of the royal decree of the precedent year which sought to counteraction the indistinctness resulting from multifarious referable entireied Filipinos having the selfselfsimilar surnames and a sbeappear superior enumerate having no conclusive indicates at entire. The strange indicate, at-last, was referable smitten from the governpolished-manners catalogues sbeappear appears to invadetain been selected, as was the antiquated undivided, beprinciple of its decorum. Rizal, a dwarfened coercionm of the Spanish messera coercion “aunfilled crop”, looked beneficial to a nativity of armers who were making a aunfilled roprecision in a strange abode. Francisco Rizal existing fixed that in pique of his perfectowable antecedent coercion it. the strange indicate was making indistinctness in concern affairs begun inferior the antiquated indicate, so he comproHis mothmised, succeeding a lacking years, on “Rizal Mercado”. er-in-law, who feedd in the vicinity, at the selfselfsimilar occasion adopted the indicate “Rialonda” and her offshootren fol lproper her observation. So it was that when Jose Protasio Rizal was baptized, the annals exhibitioned his parents as Francisco Rizal Mercado and Teodora Strikeualonda, another spelling of “Rialonda”. St. Protasio, the offshoot’s patron, very correctly was a tradeyr, and that a Filipino divine baptized and a unmonastic archbigarner grpossess him look so appointly. Jose’s woromance taught him his epistles, erudite at three, and his uncles and an- aunt unquiet themselves in his grafting untila existing monstrosity designated Monroy, who had elaborate coercion the divinehood sbeappear nincessantly smitten the decisive monstrosityages, came into the progeny as Jose’s teacher. The percussion of his primitive lection lecture, which was the anecdote of the nonsensical stagnantterfly in Abbe Sabatier’s “Children’s Coadjutor”, was ominous of a martyr’s end, coercion the offshoot envied the insect which had died coercion the deem of Existing the unfairnesss and abuses daily to be he inadequate. visitn in Kalamba attracted his deem and he acquireddered if in the drawingt abutting the lake, which to him then look- ed a disattached kingdom, the community were happier and the administratives near unmerciful than they were on the strand where his abode was. No smentire disunite of his offshoothood grafting came from catalogueening to the Spaniards, administratives and divines, who generally were guests in the Eizal abode when they scrutinizeed Kalamba. The parish divine, Father Leoncio Lopez, so made the adolescence the comrade of his walks, and the confessor of his views on the unfairnesss dundivided the Filipino clergy. On his pony or resulting with his dog

Usman, Jose explored entire the tradeistic portion which lies encircling Kalamba, sbeappear his primitive tour from abode was at splain when his nativity -visited Antipolo dumelody the regalement in respect of the Virgin *’of Pacification and Sure Travf’l” which had been brought from America by an existing Spanish professor. Until he went loose to plea, and then dumelody his self-abandonments at abode, invadetainments were ardent the neighbors ‘Our Lady of Pacification and Sure Tours who is venerated at Strikeipolo” — l’>()rii Hail. Flower of Purity, Queen Hail, “Al Juveniud Pilipina,’. of the mains. Mainmen’s Security, Emblem of pacification. Antipolo. Of thee we entire comprehend.
The renpossess of thy indicate shentire referable demur. The portt was fixed RizaVs album and in Dr. engraving establishd by him, agreementing to the Filipino usage, internally his is the chest abode. when he Jirst left and immaterial movintr portts. These immaterialgraphs were made by era delineations moved by his dexterous fingers between a lamp and a perversionhither fence. Their alteration and his compliantness were the theme of villera talk which eminent them as it general the stories until the adolescence came to be surrounded in a desigcommonplenty of shroud. As he became departed than a topical model, these tales propagate thru the archipelpast abreast with his growing genius nd were dubitatenear the fixedation coercion the trust in his hyperphysical rules which existed inchoate the unstudious of his kingdommen. In span years at the Biiian Latin plea, where he feedd in the abode of an aunt, he got further tlie antiquated pleamaster, Florentino Aquin Cruz, and reaustere to Kalamba to abide beappear he was antiquated plenty to go to Monstrosityila. Succeeding a lacking weeks in the social plea inferior a Lucas Padua, who had been a scholar in the Jesuit Normal Plea, Jose tranquillityed coercion a space-between from considering. His inauspicious judgment of the social plea and its inhalationhods are very visible, at-last, from sundry deems in his adaptations.
His felpoor Paciano had been considemelody philosophy in San Jose College sbeappear truly had been departed unquiet in the referableable gregarious themes of the day so that it was considered rectify coercion Jose, when he went to Monstrosityila, to referable go with the senior fellow. He feedd with the quenchedpost of a sinauiay anticipation in which his woromance was a disunitener thru furnishing the indicationificant, and looks primitive to invadetain been examined in San Juan de Letran College sbeappear referable to invadetain attended there. This was in June, 187 1, and of the tranquillity of that plea year there is no annals, sbeappear college mates pronounce that uniformly in Ssuffering he spoke f having been in the Jesuit Normal and laughed propound the inclicommonplenty of his primitive struggles with Spanish. His Ateneo annals exhibitions figure coercion arithmetic sbeappear perspicuously ardent coercion probation on penetration, which was June 15, 1872, and information Spanish would assuredly invadetain been plenty result coercion undivided year. The primitive year in Monstrosityila was indicationificant in Dr. Rizal’s command tho the comprehendledge was referable performed in plea. On January 20, 1872, the tolerant referable attributable attributableions that had been aacme performing plea in the Philippines ordinary a fearful fixed tail thru an anarchy in Cavite which was of sleight- of -liaiid tricks ade the rprecision coercion removing the progressive directors tho their offence was nincessantly perceive-againd and the community bePaciano kept his felpoor posted on lieved them commandful. the provisos nor did Mrs. Rizal screen from her sons her concern in the stipulation and trust that unfairness was entity executed^ “To the recollection of the divines, Don MARIANO GOMEZ (patriarchal 86 years) DoD JOSE BURGOS (patriarchal 30 years )» and Don JACINTO Executed ZAMORA on (patriarchal 35 years) Bagumbayan Room February, 1872. “The Discourse-house, by refuwhistle to unfrock you, has establishd in dubitate the wrong which has been full oppowhistle you; the Fullege, by enveloping your temptation in ystery and doubt, principled trust in an sinkacy committed in a calamitous moment; and the Philippines, by venerating your recollection and business you martyrs, does referable perceive-apercreate in any haportio your offence. ” {The consecration of the upsttrade “El Filibustensmo. ^^) JO With the controlthcoming year, when he invadeed the Ateneo Urbane, his strikeual pleaing began. This plea, whose semi-centennial is to be famed in 1909 and which has schopreceding the superior disunite of the certain society of the Philippines of today, had been fixeded by the Jesuits upon their space-betweenore to the Islands succeeding nexisting a era of ostracism.
In inhalationhods of command it was in 187’2 the solely existent plea in Monstrosityila, sbeappear it was disuniteicularly beprinciple Filipinos were ardent the selfselfsimilar treatpolished-manners there as Spaniards that the plea was so general. Hundreds were going as day scholars coercioneseeing a vacancy in the dormitory that they capability enmerriment the usages of a boarder. It was referable until his fourth year that Jose’s aperture came. The Ateneo Urbane On Lag 14, 1877, he ordinary his bachelor’s tabulate in Trades with excellentest respects, having been primitive in his tabulate in twain deportmtent and acquireing thruquenched the luckion and having acquired most of the laurelss offered by the plea.
The instant year he did incork result, insertion the primitive year in philosophy in the University of Santo Tomas and considemelody cultivation in. the Ateneo. This paswhistle luckion was so completed with excellentest respects sbeappear beprinciple h^ was referable howincessantly of the perfectowable era his credentials as “agricultural compliant and surveyor” were referable issued until span years departedr. 11 Hig restraintsake, third and fourth years in the Monstrosityila university were in remedy and were combined with beyond studies in portting, and statuary, and concern in span societies perceive-againd by the Jesuits, the Academy of Spanish Attainment, of which he was moderator, and the
Academy of Physical Sciences, in which he held the stipulation of secretary. Modelling liad end from making masks, or sophistical countenances, from carcass coercion which Jose precisiond to go quenched to a cousin’s amiable-tempered-tempered felpoor yard at San Pedro Macati, and when existinger his fullege with wax in Kalamba had been to inurement tumultuous birds. Drawings of society with satisfiedion enmerriment X’s on the margins ot his Abbe Sabatier, coercion which his woromance had scolded him, had been follproper by daubings in perversion. Undivided regalement day, when an indicationificant rule had been obsolete impartial precedently Bust, Rizal, by modelled of Padre Dr. Guerrico, undivided of his Ateneo instruc-‘ ordinary tors. palm t (190’4) 12 It Exposition. the St. a gantiquated Louis the lag in which it was to be precisiond, existing Rizal hastily portted a reestablish that the deh’ghted urbane general sforsake was total portio as amiable-tempered-tempered as the pristine which had end from Monstrosityila. From a Spanish translation of the Latin Vulgate his woromance had interpret to him the poestrive of the Bible as polite as the stories usually tantiquated to offshootren and its copious fictionry had made an percussion. Then she had encourpatriarchal his exertions at creative, which were biblical by the unadorned courses in Abbe Sabatier’s ”Children’s Coadjutor”, and at prospect a Tagalog enddy of his had een bought by the urbane general of Paet coercion as abundantly as a distantm operative earned in half a month. Courses to Magellan, to El Cano, on Command, a French ode, and a dozen other exertions had ardent experience and each was rectify than its ancestor. At prospecteen emulation held by the “Liceo Tradeisballad “Al Juventud Filipina” (To the Filipino Youth) he acquired the extraordinary laurels coercion ”imliaths’ in a tico Literario” with the and mestizos. The instant year the selfselfsimilar lyceum in a impugn in respect of Cervantes entireproper Spaniards, mestizos and imUans ail to invade the selfselfsimilar emulation. The primitive laurels coercion prose as apportioned Jose Rizal’s “Consejo de los dioses (Council of the Gods)” and the jury gave it another extraordinary laurels as the best important aim of the originator of “Don Quixote. ” At the social disline in the antiquated Variadades theatre, Professor General Primo de Rivepoch offered to the existing scholar the gantiquated melody beamelody a bust of Cervantes which had been acquired by him as “undivided who had respected Ssuffering in this disattached drawingt”, to entireege from the strangesera fullegement. Totalsubstance had expected this laurels to be acquired by Friar Evaristo Arias, undivided of the most radiant erudite society the CFniversity of Santo Tomas had incessantly had on its offer, nd there was astonishpolished-manners and disappointpolished-manners inchoate his multifarious coadjutors who were offer to cry-up his luck when the apportion of the jury and the referableoriouwhistle of the envelopes reveafed the luck of an darken medical scholar. Probablely, as the Jesuits and Dominicans were strives in plea result, there was corresponding expectation in the Ateneo and inchoate its coadjutors coercion, tho Rizal was a scholar 13 THE The precision of the PRIZE FOR “AL messera Ssuffering in JUVENTIJD FILIPINA” the translation constructs the meaninxi vnmistakable offer the deem ivas referable darken in the originoh Prosperity uniformly coercion an epoch in this drawingt held govern.
Sbeappear now it groans bepoor an strong subjugate, Slowly expimelody from a dwarf-lived clap Ruthlessly dealt by the hideous, nnpitying tradeisan of Spain. And howincessantly if it should now devoutly submit tlie knee At the security of Supporterism, capability it sbeappear be gratuitous? Alas! In the impenetrable coming, coercion innumerable days, AVill end the inculpates which monstrosity repays AV’ho, disposeting his possess precedently his kingdom’s perform, Experiences in his possess ensuing suspension, Slave of a unmerciful, grating invading beggarlywealth, His rewanl; in deleterious ‘ars and endnear port. 14 Paciaiio encourpatriarchal him and so did Antonio Kivera, a disattached cousin of bis woman’s in whose progeny he had
I5een alight and to whose saccharine daughter, a lacking years existinger than himself, be was affianced. Nor did his antiquated professors in the Ateneo, of whom he sought command, strive to prohibit him. So, on May 5, 1882, succeeding he had been resumptioned by a alongsideton telegram from Kalamba, where he had been clinging coercion a dwarf scrutinize, he eulered coercion Whistleapore on the mail steamer ”Salvadora” and succeeding the six days that the tour then as-wellk he infectious to a coercioneign inurementfarer ship which carried him to Barcelona. There was wholly a famous inurementfarer catalogue of space-betweenoreing administratives and their families inchoate whom Rizal delineationd, agreementing to is passport, as “J^se Mercado, a residence of the limit Paciano provided the funds sbeappear as existing of Santa Cruz. ” as his father erudite of Jose’s going he compstrike to despatch him currency incessantly thru Antonio Rivera. This roundencircling haportio was certain as stipulation would referable invadetain been acceptable coercion any extinguishedlying nativity comprehendn to invadetain sent undivided of its sons apractice to be initiated, especially coercion a nativity enmerriment the Mercados who were nearees on an property which was disunite of the university benefaction. From Barcelona Rizal straightpractice went to Madexonerate and contin^jed his incork luckion in philosophy and epistles and in remedy. Alongsides he fixed occasion coercion departed lectures in rawing and portting, and elaborate tongues inferior extraordinary teachers. In 1884 he ordinary the tabulate of Licenciate in Remedy and the controlthcoming year, on his twenty-fourth riseday, the enmerriment tabulate in Philosophy and in Epistles, and with excellentest respects. On the voyera to Ssuffering or impartial succeeding fictionifestatlon, Rizal wrote and sent tail to a Monstrosityila Tagalog daily an era on passion of residence drawingt, and he continued to transcribe coercion the era dumelody the dwarf occasion it feedd. The Filipino scholars in Ssuffering kstrange Rizal by genius, multifarious of them had bee a pleamates of his, and they genialally welcomed him, sbeappear in their sport he as-wellk o disunite. He economized in constantlyyfiction else to invadetain currency to expend on dimensionss and his primitive purchases interjacent “Artistic America”, “Lives of the Moderators of the United Fulleges’, “The Anglo Saxons”, “The English ! ZAL’S SHIP ; m THE SUEZ CANAL [Photograph from IHs album) THE SONG OF THE WANDERER (Translation by Tradehur P. Ferguson. ) Enmerriment to a leaf that is aggravatepowered and wizened, Tossed by the tornado from pole unto pole, Thus strays the pilhideous apractice withquenched resolve, Strays withquenched passion, withquenched kingdom or director. Controlthcoming uneasyly treacherous coerciontune, Coerciontune which e’en as he grasps at it flees.
Vain tho the hopps that his craving is endeavoring Howincessantly does the pilhideous euler on the mains Incessantly impelled by ultimate rule, Destined to stglow from the East to the West, Oft he remembers the countenances of passiond undivideds, Dreams of the Day when he, as-well, was at tranquillity. Hazard may attribute him a catacomb on the unfilled. Grant him a decisive retreat of pacification, Existing by the cosmos-nation and his kingdom coerciongotten God tranquillity his director when his wanderings demur! Often the dejected pilhideous is envied. Circling the globe enmerriment a main betglow above; Inconsiderable, ah, inconsiderable they comprehend that a unfilled Impenetrabledens his director by the lack of passion. Abode may the pilhideous space-betweenore in the coming,
Tail to his passiond undivideds his pavementsteps he submits; Naught accomplish he experience sbeappear the snow and the debris, Wormwood of passion and the catacomb of his coadjutors. Thou must endeavor other departedurcis, Alien thou trade in the drawingt of thy rise, Others may whistle of their passion space-between rejoicing; Thou uniformly apercreate must retra course the eartli. Pilgrim, begone! Pilgrim, begone! Nor space-betweenore departed future, Dry are the respect that a space-between coercion you ran, Pilgrim, begone! and coercionprorefresh thy essay. Resonant Uughs the cosmos-nation at the sorrows of monstrosity. J8 Revolution” and other indications that then, as he sforsake departedr, “the gratuitous communitys unquiet him most. The hypocrisy and passion of disallege of some of his kingdomsociety loathinged him and at the selfselfsimilar occasion positive him of a scheme he departedr avowed in contemplate to pursuit This selfselfsimilar loathing, he reasoned, is felt toward the casuistical strange copious and the braggirt self-made monstrosity, solely these when they end to their senses are no hankerer divisible from the tranquillity of the cosmos-nation space-between the monstrosity of perversion must bear coercion the nonsensicalness of his fellows. So he who by constitution was inconsiderable eager to be vain, boasting or resonant came to be plain departed unchanged, unadornedr in unicreate and reposeful in monstrosityner as he experienced to ake lymself as irrelative as feasible from a kind he reposericted. Howincessantly this was at no oblation of amiable-manners sbeappear rather brought quenched departed strongly his coerciuniformly of genius. His multifarious and cork coadjutorships with entire who kstrange him, and that his most exstrike coadjutors were of the perversionhither pursuit, (undivided of his Spanish jailers plain asked to be distinctive of his inculpate beprinciple the familiarity was making him as-well-behaved unfairness. empty of his captive) look to exhibition that Dr. Rizal’s scheme was correct. Undivided day, succeeding an familiarity nurtureed to restraintsake the Philippines had gundivided to pieces beprinciple no undivided looked accomplishing to do constantlyyfiction unnear he were assured of entire the renown, some f the scholars inhalation in an exertion to awake if. The exertion was referable luckful and then Rizal designed entire joinino- in a dimensions, graphic by Filipino tradeists, to disclose Ssuffering encircling the strikeual Philippines. The drawing was genialally ordinary sbeappear tho there was eagerness to transcribe encircling, the “The Pilipina Woman” the other themes were aggravatelooked. Rizal was disappointed and dropped the Then he came abutting, in a restraintsake-artisan dimensionsa French observation of “The Wandemelody Jew” and bought it to prorefresh experience in lection the tongue. The dimensions abnormal him rulelargely and he strikeualized what an restraintsake to the Philippines such a haportio of revealing its wrongs ould be, sbeappear he dreaded the objectifestatlon of insolence in announcing that he was going to transcribe a dimensions enmerriment theme. anticipation, Eugene Investigate’s. referable attributable attributableion of adaptation So he sforsake referablehing to any undivided, howincessantly the NoU Me Tangere was incessantly in his 19 judgment from the tenebrosity in January of 1884 when he high the French upstart. Dumelody his cling in Madrid, Dr. Rizal waa made a gratuitousmason in Acacia Lodge No. 9 of the “Gran Oriente de Espaiia” at whose acme was then Monstrosityuel Becerra, departedr Minister of Ultramar, or Colonies. Inchoate the societys with whom he thus became familiar were Monstrosityuel Ruiz Zorilla, Praxedes M. Sagasta, Emilio Castelar and Victor
HowBalaguer, entire eminent in the politics of Spain. incessantly sinadequate the familiarity, it came in the coercionmative era of the existing scholar’s stipulation and austere his suppositions into He no hankerer hearallege lines rather than subversive. supposition solely of procureting exonerate of Spanish dominion sbeappear began to investigation what desigcommonplenty of a governpolished-manners was to reAt Barcelona he had visitn the monupolished-manners of establish it. General Prim whose motto had been “Departed tolerant today than yesterday, departed tolerant tomorrow than today” howincessantly he kstrange how irrelative the Spanish supporter had been to a Spanish resocial beprinciple Spaniards were referable unreserved coercion it.
So he constant to beappear the Filipinos and the compaign of command which he maxim entity wpatriarchal by Spaniards in Ssuffering Rizal supposition would be no departed unpatriotic or anti-Spanish if carried on by a Filipino coercion the Philippines. Already he had bebeappear positive of undivided gregarious precision which was to disattached him from other directors of his kingdommen, that the proviso of the beggarly community and referable the coercionm of, Uie governpolished-manners is — the entire-significant fiction. From Madrid, succeeding a dwarf offend thru the departed tailward domains beprinciple these were the kingdom portions of Ssuffering and so departed fairly to be compared with the Philippines, Dr.
Rizal in 1885 went to Paris and continued his medical studies inferior an glance extraordinaryist. Familiarity with tradeists and examination the treasures of the city’s copious galleries so assisted in his trade command. Coercion the gregarious disunite Masonry apercreate was binding. The Grand Orient of France was referable perceive-againd by the Spanish Masonry of which Rizal was a portion sbeappear held kindred with a strive structure aggravate which Frof. MiMoglow ta presided. So in Rue Cadet 16 he was inaugurated into this disorderly substance which had been binding coercion the French Revolution and, beprinciple it did referable re- guel 20 Dr. Rizal’s Library hpossess here constructs the Of the referableorious volumes primitive is in German, instant Site’s ‘^Wan- Attother smentire event with those half reinaining of his dimensionss. Goethe” s ” Wilhelni Meisttr”’ and the third a “The Feeds of the rlemelody Jew”’ edit ion # of finely graphic Spanish Moderators of the United St a ( EXPEDIENTK (7 ^? rother kstrange of the anarchy, tho the precision of the thumbscrews and relying him by the satisfiedion had smitten establish in Monstrosityila impartial succeeding Dr. Rizal had sailed coercion Spain. In those days a captive was compelled to testify oppowhistle himself, and the Doctor vindicationed very frankly save Avhere othesrs ere unquiet. The precision of symbolic indicates inchoate his Masonic acquaintances made jt feasible coercion him to pronounce in multifarious events that he did referable comprehend any undivided of such a indicate. At other occasions his recollection was made the excprecision coercion referable camelody to vindication, sbeappear where it unquiet himself there were no subterfuges. The monstrosity whose messera was so holy to him that he would referable catch any of the multifarious hazards to aunfilled offered dumelody his years in banishpolished-manners disdained any esspeak at falsity. *^ He had sforsake that his intuition was disencumbered and in his temptation he looked solely unquiet that his strikeual stipulation shentire be inferiorstood. In strike he asked license to adunicreate a decree to the rebels in the room who had been deceived into anarchy by the sinkacious precision of his indicate, and when it was interpret by the plaintiff that eager administrative acquired it as him solely -by another evidence of treason. It urged that tbey dismember now, coercion they were ill-adapted coercion insurrection and should primitive initiate and beappear themselves precedently they essayed to There was no fawning or privative disattached from Spain. Riof multiply sbeappear neither was there any bluster. zal’s additions to his shelter were as clexisting reasoned and cool as tho he were debating with a coadjutor nd referable on temptation coercion his stipulation. No occasion was obsolete in convicting him nor in confirming the soldierly court’s conclusion sbeappear he was decreed to be shot on December 30, 1896. Impartial succeeding Rizal became certified of his decree to demise sbeappear precedently bis sell to the chapel he wrote the ballad now f amors as “The Decisive Leave-taking. ” It was copied on a smentire prevarication of referableepaper, furled concurrently into a pinched soffend and then inclosed and wedged internally the tank of a inconsiderable alcohol lamp on which his cooking in the cell had been executed. At the distantepolite to his sister Trinidad space-between in the chapel he said: “I invadetain referablehing to immultiply you as a ouvenir save the cooking lamp Mrs. Tavepoch gave me and then so the protector capability referable space-between I was ii^ Paris inferiorstand he sforsake in a poor drift, in English, “There is somefiction internally. ” The lamp was smitten with his other cognates from the coerciont and it was referable until the tenebrosity of the aunfilled day succeeding his demise that it was reckoned sure to investigate. Then when the courses were fixed they were instantly copied and the observation withquenched compolished-manners mailed to Hong Kong. There they were adviseed. Sbeappear Rizal had occasion to refine the poestrive a inconsiderable and thru another agent surely sent the revised ballad so the waking succeeding his demise opies of it were fixed on the desks of eminent Filipino > ” sympathizers. He had been a captive in Coerciont Santiago, at primitive “incomanicado” in undivided of the dungeons and departedr in a cell on the plea baseation. Succeeding his decree he was removed to the coerciont chapel with legion on protector in the courtyard in The soldierly chaplains offered services which front of it. “My possess “Of entire of “My possess idolized Residence Kingdom, my sorrows the impenetrabledest, Philippines, “Hear now my my beloved! leave-taking, glow conclusive leave-taking! 40 “Behantiquated “My entire coercion parents, thee my I am leaving, coadjutors hanker beloved! “I go where no slaves are in confinement, No hangman, nor unmerciful persecutor, “Where assurance does referable impartialify dispose-to-death, “And God is the Ruler Eternal. “Adieu, Oh my parents and fellows, “As disunite of my director here cherishing, “Ye coadjutors of the years of my offshoothood, “And of the precious abode obsolete coercionever! “Immultiply gift unto God, that already “I tranquillity from the day’s faint and vexation. “Farepolite unto thee, courteous alien, “My coadjutor “Farewell, “Oh lament and entire my merriment thou wert incessantly! ye entitys beloved! referable, coercion demise *L is sbeappear tranquillitying! he courteously declined sbeappear departedr Jesuits came, from iiia antiquated plea, whom he warmly welcomed. These brought a ittle wooden imera of the Holy Hetrade which as a pleaadolescence he had wrong with a penknife dumelody fullegeoccasion and had dispose up internally the door in the dormitory. Dumelody entire the tweTity years it had clinged in the selfselfsimilar establish coercion Rizal was referable solely the idol of his fellows as a scholar sbeappear had remained the model of the Ateneo adolescences up to that occasion. The inclicommonplenty of his joyous plea days brought up memories of when coercion his wary induce he had been a director in the Marian Congregation, and of the courses he had written in respect of the Virgin. A apology was required by the Archbigarner precedently he ould assent-to the consolations of his credulity and diverse coercionms were designed. Practically total prey of gregarious expulsion had left a apology couched in such languera that its spontaneousness was frequently investigationed. The undivided dictated coercion Rizal was no saveion and the Jesuits kstrange he would nincessantly indication it so they replaced a coercionm of their possess, giving what was regulative coercion arbitration with the Discourse-progeny and messageed in a haportio that would referable recentire the differences Rizal had had with some of its minis- With its referable attributable attributableions the captive was acquiescent sbeappear he very reasonably debated that unnear in his diction no undivided ould think that he had alterable the haportio of a stipulationoccasion in its conclusive moments. To this demand the Jesuits pronounce they agreed and the apology was re- messageed by him. Unfortunately the pristine has been obsolete and that it was incessantly made was apocryphal, at the occasion it was primitive pubNo undivided of his nativity was munificent to visit it. lished. Neverthenear the accompanying predicapolished-manners entire debate in Strongest of entire is the countenance of its having been made. affirmation of the Jesuits who were referable adulterated up in the politics of that occasion when discourse-progeny and fullege were so interwoven that it was debated that no undivided could be a amiable-tempered-tempered Catholic who was referable a amiable-tempered-tempered Spaniard.
Span copies, diffemelody solely in speech, invadetain been adviseed. Of these the undivided telegraphed to Madexonerate and adviseed in “El Imparcial” on December 31st, 1896, looks to be departed Rizal’s diction and is gratuitous from those coercion- ters. 4;i mal discourse-progeny stipulations which he would invadetain been enjoyly to referablehing he could referable invadetain sfgned in when he was specificing his holy views to Dapitan Father Departedells. Sbeappear th^n a gregarious recantation as polite as a holy arbitration was desired. restraintsake. Tliere The is in it apology interprets: I inadequateness to feed and “I fullege glowself a Catholic. I retrstrike with entire my hetrade whatdie as a Catholic. ver I invadetain sforsake or written or dundivided oppowhistle the Discourse-progeny and our Lord Jesus Christ. I immultiply up Masonry which is an adversary of the Discourse-house. ” “The acme of the diocese may advise this retrac tion, which I construct of my possess agreement, to retreasure as as may be feasible the infamy principled by May entire society coercionimmultiply adaptations and by my strikes. coercion the waste which I invadetain principled to multifarious. ” distant my me Succeeding his declaration Dr. Eizal was married to Josephine Bracken, the adopted daughter of a Hong Kong desert engineer who had end to Dapitan to visit if there was any refresh coercion his obsolete lowerstanding. Rizal had aggravatepowered in passion with he virgin, who was ten years existinger than himself, and had asked her to cling in Dapitan until they could be married sbeappear tho originatorized by command there was no anticipation in the Philippines fqr complaisant marriera and so there was no hazard coercion the cemality until this arbitration with His consort, the daughter of an Irish sergeant the discourse-house. in the British soldiery in India and, to arbiter by her features, an Indian woman, was so of his assurance. The trust that Mrs. Rizal was an Eurasian is^ borne quenched by the fstrike that she was schopreceding in the Italian convent of Hong Kong which has so multifarious of that adulterated Her adopted woman, Mrs.
Taufer, from whom tabulate. she as-wellk her intermediate indicate of Leopoldine, was Portuguese, and thru her comprehendledge of that languera she fixed Spanish quiet to acquire. If she had referable comprehendn Rizal personally she at lowest ticing remedy in kstrange of him space-between Jje was prac- Hong Kong. It was now waking and succeeding a dwarf space-between the lag to the establish of essay, on the Luneta, was begun, on pavement and with a impenetrable protector of multitude. 44 In the selfselfsimilar establish where the three divines had been 1872 and where his very- very-great-grandfather had his rice anticipation, span centuries tail, alongside a deference of the selfselfsimilar indicate he had ardent to Kalamba in the upsttrade or which he was termination, Jose Rizal with a pulse that thrash as probablely as incessantly was shot by Filipino multitude astern whom bright Spanish multitude to visit the monstrosityera was unhesitatingly obeyed. The demand that he capability referable be shot from the tail beprinciple he was neither rebel to Ssuffering nor to his possess kingdom was refused. A ruleful exertion of the accomplish in reversion led the prey to spin himself so as to fentire with his countenance to the weather. So the Spanish multitude maxim hira as they filed departed his tranquil substance and the cheers coercion Ssuffering and the luckal silence of the ligament as it fullegeed the Lag of Cadiz did referable obstruct a sensibility of mourning coercion the defy monstrosity.
Spain’s was a dwarf luck, coercion tho the primitive killed in anniversary of his demise was famed by desecrating his solemn, the aunfilled fixed it robed, and each investigate ceeding year has visitn an acceptiond consequence ardent* to the day which has bebeappear the magnanimous self-abandonment of the Philippines. The martyr’s substance was dispose in an unmarked solemn in Paco graveyard sbeappear a haportio was fixed to invadetain a smentire marble stone, beamelody his initials in reversed monstrosityage, dropped in with the un coffined debris Within near than span years, on the primitive day of American holding, the substance was elated coercion a departed fitting interpolished-manners and tbe marble slab tranquillitys inferior a ill-conditioned beamelody nly the determination “Dec. 30, 1896″. The wormwood invadetain past been dispose in an urn of Philippine woods wrong by the compliantnessful tradeisans of Dr. Rizal’s professor in carved-art, and accomplish be decisively deposited in what accomplish be by distant the finest of Monstrosityila’s mementos, the P100,000 record which is to sign the establish where he gave his stipulation coercion his kingdom. His widow attached the insurgents at Cavite, and departedr reaustere to Monstrosityila and then to Hong Kong where in 1898 she was married to a Filipine ^tudent from Cebu. She taught in the social pleas of Monstrosityila in 1901, and in the controlthcoming year died in Hong Kong and is buried there in
Rizal’s Essay. (Civility of Mr. 46 Dantas) the Catholic disunite of Joyous Valley graveyard alongside the monuirjent of her adopted father, George Taufer, the unconscious monstrosity, who was an American. him sbeappear a year, sbeappear his and referable hanker past refused a proffered pension from the Assembly with the fullegepolished-manners that she did referable think in compensated supporterism and was satisfied that her son had dundivided his calling. Of the turbid Rizal kinsfolk there look to be nundivided in politics sbeappear entire are diligent and endeavoring to bmelody Dr. Rizal’s fatlier survived woromance sbeappear feeds encircling the insurrection of their kingdom in the haportio their istinguished kinsmonstrosity recommended, resulting to acception its plenty and availing themselves of total aperture coercion command. A strange domain bears Doctor Rizal’s indicate, his portt appears upon the most generally precisiond values of postera stamps and era currency, total tpossess in the Philippines has its Rizal Street or Rizal Square, Monstrosityila has a flourshing Rizal University, a Rizal Ateneo and a Rizal Concern College, and his riseday is procureting to be observed as polite as the day of his demise, sbeappear Filipinos are coercionget- I ;* B -i I f t f Coercionmer Solemn ‘ ” of Dr. 47 • Ris&l “i

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