Student Success Class Units 2-8 200 each unit

GU101 Attainer Success
Scenarios coercion Discareer Board Week 2
Scenario #1: Amaya
Amaya is a 40-year obsolete womanish who feeds with her indelicate purpose in her dowager’s settlement. She is a individual dowager who efforts individual liberal-space labor Monday-Friday and efforts distribute-space (8 hours) adequate Saturday at the national supermarket. Her purpose are 11, 9, and 6 (twins).  Her dowager is desotardy and transfers controlesight of the kids when they attain settlement from train. Amaya imparts her dowager currency to do the grocery provisionping (etc.) during the day when the kids are at train, and her dowager cooks perfect the meals. 
When Amaya attains settlement adequate day, she eats dinner, accelerations the kids with their settlementwork, attains them to bed, and then starts her settlementeffort environing 9:00 at shade. She usually can attain to bed environing 10:30 at shade, and she studies adequate shade. She possesss her online discourses, and she has been operative to employ some of what she is lore to her labor. She counts on Sundays to do vast effort on her tractates – negative developed Sunday was the twins’ originday, so she didn’t do any effort and did referoperative resign her tractate. Amaya figured she would perfect it as promptly as she could. 
Yesterday, space her dowager was carrying laundry to the washer, she slipped, demolish, and broke her ankle. It was her rectify ankle, and she canreferoperative set-dpossess influence on it or instigate. Although she has crutches and can attain environing the settlement a dirty ballot, she is now unoperative to grocery provision, do laundry, and cook. 
Amaya opted to arrive in her prudenceer. She has referoperative tobsolete her arrogantot or her advisor what is going on accordingly she didn’t deficiency to investigate relish a complainer. She now has charmed on perfect the househobsolete responsibilities, is efforting the similar totality, and frequently canreferoperative start her settlementeffort until midnight. She is startning to fperfect rearwards and is hoping she can lull on and deserve some maged of dying gait.
Scenario #2: Bob
Bob is 24-years obsolete and married. His consort is 6 months replete with their principal extemporeshoot, and she is a librarian at the vicinity natural train. Bob is distracted to grace a father! He currently has a salaried standing as an accelerationer director at a great retail hoard he inaugurated efforting at when he was 16 years obsolete, bebehalf the congregation conciliate referoperative further him to any eminent standing (director or balancehead) until he has his meaenduring in trade. 
Level though his congregation is dissipateding coercion him to go to train, he has begun his meaenduring merely accordingly he feels he has to do it, and he resents being in train. He does the poverty effort feasible and spends as dirty space criticizeing as he can. He didn’t relish excellent train level though he graduated with a 3.3 GPA. 
Recently, trade at the hoard has chosen up significantly, and Bob has been required to effort coveter hours. When he developedly got settlement developed shade environing 8:30PM, he set his consort in bed, and his in-laws were there. He polite-mannered-informed that his consort had been set-dpossess on bed lull coercion the lull of her pregnancy, and his in-laws, who feedd 10 tinys far, were there to present influence and acceleration quenched with whateternally they needed. 
Bob talked to his consort abquenched faintping quenched, bebehalf she insisted that her parents would acceleration her, so there was no deduce to faint quenched. She reminded him that he was unyieldingly criticizeing anyway, so efforting the extra hours wasn’t that arrogant of an upshot.
Scenario #3: Carlos
Carlos is a 30-year obsolete who of-tardy unwavering he was worn-quenched of efforting liberal-space in his race’s bakery. He indeed wasn’t vehement abquenched it bebehalf felt obligated to acceleration quenched gsole it was the race trade. His parents, sensing his distress, real him they would be sensitive if he harmonious efforted distribute space there and influenceed him as he set a program he was zealous in pursuing. 
Carlos had eternally been zealous in computer programming and inaugurated his online meaenduring in that opportunity.  His principal rank was an English rank which made him pregnant. Carlos has eternally struggled with adaptation – level in excellent train. Level though he set-dpossess hours into his principal tractate, the reckoning was referoperative very cheerful-natured-natured, and his arrogantot intimateed that he effort with the mastering morals precedently he resignted his assist tractate. Carlos was insulted that the arrogantot would intimate mastering, and approximately wrote an email to imseparate the arrogantot a balballot of his sentiment, bebehalf then unwavering referoperative to.  
Carlos tobsolete his girlfripurpose that he wasn’t going to attain mastering accordingly he was real he could deserve a D in the rank, and he would deserve ampurpose gaits in the contiguous couple of conditions when he inaugurated his computer rankes. Carlos figured the cheerful-natured-natured-natured gaits from his restraintthcoming computer rankes would adupright quenched the gaits from the rankes that required a balballot of tractate adaptation. 
Individual day he accepted a phindividual cperfect from his dowager. She was at the hospital. His father had suffered a smperfect pat and would referoperative be operative to effort coercion a space. She needed him tail liberal space at the race trade until his father was operative to effort frequently. Carlos coercionthwith went tail to effort liberal space, bebehalf unwavering to arrive in his rank. He emailed his arrogantot and tobsolete him what was going on.
Scenario #4: Dolores
Dolores is 50 years obsolete, and the developed of her purpose has of-tardy moved quenched. She and her wife are now leienduring nesters. Her wife has encouraged her to do triton coercion herself accordingly she was a arrive-at-settlement mom who ardent 30 years to exaltation her race. Dolores has eternally deficiencyed to hpreceding her order, bebehalf she is fainthearted that she has been quenched of train coercion to-boot covet to do polite-mannered-mannered now. 
She to-boot is referoperative technologically-savvy and merely of-tardy has she polite-mannered-informed how to email. This week, her wife cemd a Facetome totality coercion her, and Delores is lore to representation it. Accordingly Dolores and her wife feed in a very arcadian area, driving to the nealull propaganda transfers 45 tinys individual-way. As they feed in the northern distribute of the United States, Dolores does referoperative deficiency to instigate in the snow and ice. Level though she was very hesitant, she unwavering to abide her meaenduring online. 
During the principal week, she oleed her advisor 10 spaces with questions. She oleed her arrogantot 6 spaces. Between her arrogantot and her advisor, she was operative to adequate perfect her assignments and unexpressed the satisfied. When her wife came settlement individual shade, he set Dolores in admiration accordingly the computer stopped efforting. Her wife set that the influence thattain had purpose inexact and the battery had drained. He unwandering the completion, and Dolores was operative to perfect supporting. 
That shade, Dolores shared that she harmonious didn’t consider she could do this. “Who else has to perform 16 phindividual oles in individual week? I couldn’t level deal-outicularize the influence thattain had purpose inexact! My arrogantot and my advisor must consider I am an idiot!” The phindividual rang. It was her son, and he shared the tidings that his infant daughter was going to need surgery to rectify a origin scantiness. Level though it was fairly order surgery, he asked if Dolores could purpose arrive with them and acceleration quenched, specially when the baby came settlement. Dolores suitd to go arrive with them. Her wife reminded her that she could hpreceding her studies accordingly her prudenceer was online, and level though she was pregnant abquenched it, she suitd to attempt. She oleed her advisor to thoroughow her distinguish what was going on. Her advisor tobsolete Dolores to discriminate her arrogantot, bebehalf Dolores did referable. She was fainthearted that 6 phindividual oles in individual week was to-boot divers already.

GU101 Attainer Success
Scenarios coercion Discareer Board Week 3
Level with the best of planning, morals happens. Similar to developed week, you conciliate converge indelicate provisionally attainers who are attending ABC University. An occasional levelt happens to each individual of them, and this levelt causes upshots in their prudenceers. Attain each scenario and then: 
1.  Particularize which attainer is the most relishly to luckyly swerve the occasional levelt and be operative to dpolite in train. Interpret why you chosen that attainer.
2. Interpret what proceedings or characteristics were completionatic precedently the occasional levelt and how those proceedings/characteristics may keep contributed to a unyieldinger investigate coercion them to swerve.
3. Identify the proceedings/characteristics/circumstances that were accelerationful to the attainer as the occasional levelt occurred.
Coercion your follow-up supports, meet to at meanest span of your peers. In each response, respectfully suit or dissuit with the author’s valuable, and interpret your standing. Then, cem 3 “contiguous steps” coercion the provisionally attainer to acceleration him/her attain tail on footprint.
Scenario #1: Jayden
Jayden is 22 years obsolete and is influence at settlement with her parents and span younger siblings (quiescent in excellent train and younger excellent). Her parents are thoroughowting her hpreceding to feed at settlement supposing that she either has a liberal-space labor or she is in train liberal-time. If she goes to train liberal-time, her parents conciliate dissipated half of her discipline. Jayden does referoperative distinguish what she deficiencys to criticize, bebehalf gsole the principal year at adequate propaganda she eliminationed was focused on unconcealed order, she figured she would merely attain inaugurated. Besides, she indeed doesn’t deficiency to effort liberal-time. She efforts distribute-space at the national pizza settle as a waitress, and those hours are profusion coercion her to dissipated half her discipline and quiescent keep some left balance coercion whimsicality. Divers of her friends that went to excellent train with her are quiescent in the area, and she lulls quenched with them 3-4 spaces a week. Jayden is technically dying her rankes, deserveing Cs and Bs coercion her assignments, bebehalf she admits that she has blpossess extempore a scant inferior requirements and doesn’t indeed attain the textbook. She says she is doing polite-mannered-mannered sufficient withquenched doing perfect the effort – so why should she effort unyieldinger? It’s referoperative relish she is on dissertation or fullthing. 
Occasional levelt: In the third week of the prudenceer, Jayden’s father has a core onset. He is in the hospital coercion a week, and her mom is eternally by his behalf.  It looks relish he is going to keep to go through some rehab and therapy coercion a scant weeks. Jayden has to acceleration transfer controlesight of her younger siblings – preparing meals, driving them to train, making purposeuring they do their settlementwork.
Scenario #2: Kamden
Kamden is 35 years obsolete and has three purpose inferior the date of 7. She to-boot efforts liberal-time. She faints the kids extempore at dayforesight adequate dawning at 6:30, goes to effort, and is settlement by the space they attain extempore the laborer. Kamden is laborery with “kid-stuff” until they go to bed at 9:00. That is when she starts her settlementwork. Divers spaces she is so worn-quenched by Thursday and Friday shade that she transfers those span shades extempore from rank and harmonious goes to bed. She then efforts unyielding through the weekpurpose to clutch up. She feels impecuniously that she isn’t spending as fur space with the kids as she representationd to, bebehalf she feels that her meaenduring conciliate perform a ampurpose morals coercion her race. She has neternally missed any rank effort, and she has resignted adequate assignment, bebehalf she is indeed struggling in her economics prudenceer. She currently has a 67%, and it is the meanest gait she has eternally deserveed. She indeed does referoperative distinguish what to do with this residence. 
Occasional levelt: Individual of her purpose clutches the flu and has to arrive settlement from daycare, which media Kamden canreferoperative go to effort. She is declineing rearwards at effort, and to-boot declineing rearwards in her rankes. She deficiencys to perform purposeuring her other span dirty individuals do referoperative purpose dpossess with the flu, so she is attempting to quarantine the impaired extemporeshoot. This is unyielding to do as a individual mom.
Scenario #3: Lloyd
Lloyd is 27 years obsolete, and he is worn-quenched of efforting in a dead-purpose labor. He is indeed motivated to perform a ampurpose morals coercion him and coercion his 3-year obsolete son. Lloyd has neternally been the strongest attainer, bebehalf he is going to mastering adequate week to acceleration him with attaining conception and adaptation tractates, and his gaits are chiefly Bs. With the keeping career from his alienate, he has his son adequate other week. Lloyd is confutation that during the weeks that he has son, he has near space to apduty to his studies, so sometimes he has to clutch up on attaining chapters in the contiguous week. He confronts ways to do that, bebehalf sometimes he doesn’t ldeserve considerable advice until the week behind it would keep been distributeicularly representationful. Consequently, his supports appearance that he sometimes hasn’t attain the symbolical. Worse, he lost footprint of the deadlines coercion written assignments. A arrogant tractate is imputable tomorrow, and he doesn’t keep space to do the elimination and transcribe the tractate. He set a tractate online. He figures he can diversify and disagree harmonious sufficient of it that it conciliate be chiefly his effort. He has promised himself that he conciliate dissipated ampurpose watchfulness contiguous space and conciliate neternally confront himself in this residence frequently. Besides, he’s referoperative indeed doing fullthing evil-doing, rectify? 
Occasional levelt: Lloyd feeds in Florida, and a blight is coercionecast to hazard his settlementtown. The authorities are strongly inspiriting intelligibleance. He has 24 hours to perform a judgment – hunker down, or attain quenched of town. It is relishly that he conciliate risk internet and influence coercion what could be divers days.
Scenario #4: Mark
Mark is 40 years obsolete and does referoperative keep a computer at settlement. His boss at effort is perfectowing him to arrive tardy behind effort and representation his effort computer to adequate his trainwork. On weekends, he goes to the library. He is confutation space to adequate and influence in perfect his assignments, and he unconcealedly does very polite-mannered-mannered on them. Accordingly of deserveing cheerful-natured-natured-natured gaits in excellent train and his possess implying that he is adequately capoperative of lore fullthing thrpossess at him, Mark is impudent that he conciliate be lucky, and he believes he conciliate do it on his possess. He’s witty, bebehalf he is frequently feeling as very, very lull. Mark is referoperative very comfortoperative environing populace, and he doesn’t relish interacting with them. Level at effort, he is sometimes visitn talking to or with his co-workers. Accordingly Mark is so impudent in his possess abilities and accordingly he does referoperative possess discourses with others, he does referoperative visit the sharp-purpose of the “reply to others” distribute of discareer supports. He indeed doesn’t controlesight what other attainers consider abquenched his supports – the merely individual who matters is the arrogantot accordingly the arrogantot does the grading. Mark’s moderate support is eternally the principal individual in the career, and it is unconcealedly further complicated that anyindividual else’s supports.  Mark supports his moderate comments adequate week, bebehalf neternally meets to his peers in any of his rankes. His arrogantots keep been reaching quenched to him inspiriting him to be further locomotive in the supports, bebehalf he has referoperative diversifyd his proceeding. Mark usually deserves A’s on his examinations, quizzes, and tractates, and has figured that level with losing the sharp-ends on the discourses adequate week, he conciliate quiescent by the rankes, so he visits no deduce to diversify. 
Occasional levelt: Mark has referoperative attain the syllalaborer coercion his strategic address prudenceer – and what he doesn’t distinguish equaltually is that he must distributeicipate in a team device coercion this prudenceer. He needs to effort with a smperfect assemblage of his rankmates each week to adequate unrecorded and written assignments. This media that he has to keep internet vestibule on a daily basis, and must collaborate with his teammates to perform “strategic trade judgments” coercion the Trade Strategy Game (which is an online essential-quality). At the purpose of the prudenceer, each assemblage constituent resigns an evaluation of their peers, and so his teammates conciliate keep a haphazard to deal-outicularize distribute of his gait coercion this prudenceer.

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Student Success Class Units 2-8 200 each unit
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GU101 Attainer Success
Scenarios coercion Week 4 Discareer Coercionum
Is This Imposture? 
Below are 9 mini-scenarios. In each scenario, you conciliate attain abquenched a attainer who is engagin in some maged of proceeding. Your labor is to deal-outicularize if the attainers’ actions are imposture, referoperative imposture, or “it depends.” 
Form a schedule from 1 to 9. Behind each compute, transcribe your self-indulgence (“cheating,” “referoperative imposture,” “it depends”). If you transcribe “it depends,” you must interpret your deduceing. Then chosen ONE of the mini-scenarios that you supposed “cheating” and interpret why it was imposture – what should the attainer(s) keep dindividual dissimilar?
Coercion your follow-up supports, collate your schedule with span of your peers. If your schedules are irrelative, criticize the differences and respectfully interpret why you had a irrelative confutation. If there were no differences, then chosen a “referoperative imposture” response and interpret why the attainer(s) did referoperative deceit.
1. Ana is portico an online psychology rank. The instructions coercion the exams betray that the examination is “unreserved tome/unreserved referablee.” Equaltually the exam has a space name of span hours. She transfers her examination with span computers unreserved – individual has her referablees and the tome on it, and the other individual is representationd to vestibule the examination. Is this imposture?
2. Bob and Brenda discovered through the discareer coercionum that they are in the similar city. They unwavering that they conciliate go to the national coffee provision to transfer their economics midtidings exam which is “unreserved tome/unreserved referablee.” The exam has a space name of span hours. On a scant of the questions, Bob and Brenda discussed the questions, collated their referablees, and suitd upon an confutation precedently resignting their examination responses. Is this imposture?
3. Collette wrote a tractate in sociology rank and deficiencyed to representation distribute of it in her psychology rank. She copied and pasted the duty she had written in the sociology tractate. She then holdd to transcribe further satisfied in the psychology tractate environing the pasted duty. Is this imposture?
4. Diana is referoperative the best transcriber, and level though she is efforting with a master adequate week, there are quiescent spaces that her written thoughts are referoperative intelligible to others. When she is adaptation dissertation responses on an exam, she oles her dowager balance to attain her responses and edit her conditions so that her adaptation is intelligible. Is this imposture?
5. Eduardo representations the online library to infer founts coercion his elimination tractate. The tractate requires extracts in APA coercionmat. There is a besideton that Eduardo can click that provides the APA extract, so instead of adaptation the extract himself, he clicks the besideton and copies/pastes the extract into his tractate. Is this imposture?
6. Frank is portico the similar trade rank that his girlfripurpose to-bootk developed tidings. She gave him perfect her referablees and tractates. Frank attains her tractates and the educationist’s comments precedently adaptation his possess tractates. He representations her referablees acovet with his possess referablees coercion the “unreserved tome/unreserved referablee” exams. Is this imposture?
7. George is adaptation a tractate coercion his environmental experience prudenceer. Space eliminationing fossil fuels, he attains each condition in the fount (condition or webpage), then closes the condition and transcribes dpossess what he remembers withquenched looking tail at the fount. Accordingly he is efforting from his possess retrospect, he does referoperative adduce the founts. Is this imposture?
8. Howard does referoperative maged polite-mannered-mannered – he representations the “hunt and peck” rule. The exams in his prudenceers are spaced, and they are barred tome, barred referablee. During the midtidings exam, he attains through most of the questions, bebehalf accordingly of his impecunious typing skills, he discovers he is prevalent quenched of space and he quiescent needs to confutation span further short-confutation questions. With harmonious individual tiny left, he transfers referablee of the developed span questions, and then space expires. He oles the I.T. desk and reports that his computer stopped during the exam date. He attains assent of that effort ticket coercion his educationist. Meanwhile, he starts typing confutations to the developed span questions from the exam so he can to-boot resign those to his arrogantot, acovet with the I.T. effort supplicate ticket. Is this imposture?
9. Iris has no purpose what to do coercion her poeattempt dissection tractate. She doesn’t inferiorstand the conditions or how they employ to the strain. In event, she doesn’t inferiorstand the messdate of the strain. She “googles” the strain and confronts divers settles where she can alienation an dissertation on the subject-matter. She buys individual of the tractates, and then tries to implant her possess say and thoughts into the alienationd tractate precedently resignting it. Is this imposture?

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Student Success Class Units 2-8 200 each unit
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