System D Project

 An entrance specialtying what you are planning to mould, who your team members are and what they feel contributed to the design;
·  Modeling exception in which you confer the method you are investigating and the moulding of your method, and the assumptions you are making.  You conciliate likeness the elemental equations, nodal equations, footfootpath (loop) equations, the avow inconstants, rises, and the avow inconstant equations and the matrix mould of those equations. You conciliate be expected to illustrate the expressions ce the constants you representation in your elemental equations—this should after from the simplifying assumptions you confront.
·  A results exception in which you specialty the numerical equations you conciliate be using to clear-up the height, the parameters you conciliate be using in your equations and where those parameters feel been obtained, the graphs of the avow inconstants as a business of period, the outputs you absence to confront as a business of period;
·  and finally a Debateion of your results. Also debate the step-size you representation and its goods on the truthfulness of the results
·  What feel you conversant from the design and what would you propose ce advenient consequence to perceive the results further amply.
You conciliate insufficiency to differ at smallest 3 parameters to conceive the goods of parameter shift on your solutions.  Your debateion exception should be in depth—how each parameter shift affects the overentire results.  Entire graphs should be properly labeled (units, what are the parameters tested).
Additional to the parameter shifts over, you conciliate be expected to differ the rise inconstants.
In entire your designs you probably feel undivided rise (possibly further).  Please admit undivided of the rises in the mould A + B evil(omega*t) where A is the completeness of the rise coercionce and B is the shift in the rise coercionce and omega is the number of the shift.  Please differ at smallest span of these inconstants; ce occurrence you can admit B as entity 0.1 A, 0.3 A; or omega as entity some estimate between 0.5 pi to  2 pi.

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System D Project
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