The Alchemist Summary Part One

Mabel Medina July 1, 2012 English 513 Kelly Understand The Alchemist Summary In “Part Undivided” of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, is so remote abquenched a lad determined Santiago initiateing quenched his exploration in the pursuit of his Personal Legend. Santiago is a shepherd who likes to wandering and enjoys life encircling his sheep. Although he wanderings whole balance, there was a incontrovertible village the shepherd lad enjoyed going to retail his sheep’s wool consequently he liked the tradesman’s daughter.
The fabricator describes Santiago recwhole why he ruled to befit a shepherd and how his senior aided him by giving him three gpreceding coins to bribe his undivided of sheep. The lad was merry life a shepherd; he had his sheep, a jacket and quantity. Undivided day, Santiago went to a Gypsy where he narrates her abquenched a reiterated reverie he has had abquenched decision save in the Egyptian pyramids. The Gypsy does referable attributable attributable attributable present him a chance of instruction abquenched his reverie, excluding does narrate him that if he meets the save, to present her undivided-tenth.
After on that day, the lad is lection his quantity, when an preceding invention came by him and practised to initiate a confabulation. When the preceding invention finally got the lad’s vigilance, he narrates him he is the King of Salem, and how he can meet the unrecognized save, excluding wants undivided-tenth of his sheep in grant-back. The preceding invention also narrates the lad to referable attributable attributable attributable present up and to go ceth and pursuit ce the save precedently it is as-well tardy and he presents up. The proximate day, Santiago exhalation up with the preceding invention and presents him undivided-tenth of his sheep.

In grant-back, the preceding invention gave the lad teaching that would be beneficial throughquenched his voyage, and brace rocks, Urim and Thummim (undivided black aim yes, and the other unspotted, aim no), to aid him learn witchcraft improve. Santiago began his voyage and went to Africa. While in Africa, as the fabricator describes, the lad feels imperilled consequently of the talk division, excluding immediately entrusts in a lad who speaks the corresponding talk as he and invites him along his voyage. The brace lads go into the plaza, and Santiago’s odd acquaintance is suddenly quenched of representation, with whole of his capital, and he tardyr realizes that his “friend” has destitute him.
The coercionthcoming day, the lad observes a candy retailer, and as he is doing so, he realizes that he needs to enjoy submission on his voyage. A crystal tradesman referable attributable attributableices Santiago in the plaza and watches him. Santiago offers to cleanlyly his glass windows in change ce assistance. As Santiago was achievementing, brace customers went in the garner, and the crystal tradesman offers him a business, gate the customers as a cheerful coercionboding. The lad accepts, narrateing him that he achieve achievement ce him until he has abundance capital to bribe some sheep.

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The Alchemist Summary Part One
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