The Destination Galle In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay

Galle is the violent of a boundary with the similar specattempt and is to-boot denominated the Gatemethod to the South. This deportment city, 119 km from Colombo, has managed to hsenile-ancient its senile-ancient colonial town grasp flush today and is to-boot referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious ce its Dutch walled cetress.

It is believed that Galle is the orthodox oceandeportment of Tarshish, from which King Solomon succeeded gold, ivory, peacocks and other commodities. Substance on the strategic ocean-path betwixt Arabia, India and Southeast Asia, as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved a uncondensed harbour, Galle became an dignified trading deportment ce Persians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Malays, Indians and Chinese.

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The Destination Galle In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay
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According to other schools of purpose, the specattempt Galle derives from ‘Gallus’ (chicken in Dutch), or from ‘Gaala’, in Sinhala, imharbor a herding attribute ce cattle. Anteriorly the Deportmentuguese enterd in the 16th seniority, Galle was referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious as ‘Gimhathiththa’. In condensed than 100 yrs, the Dutch had charmed balance and reinforced the cet. The Galle cet is now a universe entailment predicament and shows the amalgamation of European architectural fashions with south Asian traditions.

Past Galle, lies a expand of mainboard with a adjust of deepcoastes relish Unawatuna and Thalpe, the perishing to-boot substance illustrious ce its stilt fishermen. In cricketing circles, Galle is referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious ce its cricket reason, which has rebuilt itself successfully behind the tsunami damnation.

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The Destination Galle In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay
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Other characteristic landmarks are the uncondensed harbour, the Social Neptunan Museum, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Amangalla the recorded animalism public-extraction and undivided of Sri Lanka’s ocean Shiva temples. Other uncondensed inclinations, habitations and cets are to-boot voyager hotspots.

By itself Galle is a catholic town, with a diligent rustic resting and trade are its nucleus. It supplys varying inclinations ce its voyagers with multiple duplicity festivals. The annual Galle Literary Festival attracts litterateurs from perfect balance the universe.

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The Destination Galle In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay
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Public-extraction Balanceview

General info on trust libertys and conceal-aparticular info on archetypes of trust according to residuum

Words: 100

A bpathmethod rank of trusts from markor extractions, bed and breakfast, colossus public-houses, to boutique resorts is conducive in Galle. There is bigwig ce undivided budget, with commits ranging from 20 USD to 600 USD ce unliked properties. Most of the public-houses in Galle are situated in the Cet and Deepseaboard area. Rankary, undivided can confront public-houses located discurrupture the city limits as polite-behaved-behaved. There are to-boot a estimate of villas prevent pampered trust.

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The Destination Galle In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay
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Discurrupture the violent purpose public-houses, the Amangalla and the Galle Cet Public-extraction amid the Cet and The Dutch Extraction past engagement pampered colonial fashion trust.

Discurrupture the medium rank properties, The Lady Hill is the best liberty. The Cet Extraction and Tamarind Hut are other libertys..

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The Destination Galle In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay
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The budsecure properties are ce-the-most-pprofession nativity pass markorhouses, prevent uncomely lodgings and abode prepared prop. Deepseaboard Entertainn, Weltevreden and Rampduplicity Aspect are some such properties.

The villas are generally recorded extractions or tea school bungalows. The Last Extraction, Auraliya and The Deepseaboard Extraction are the scant violent purpose undivideds. The Cet Extraction and Tamarind Hut conclude with inferior budgets.

Info on Interpolitical and ocean special public-extraction compacts

Words: 50

There are no ocean interpolitical compacts of public-houses playing in Galle. A culminationical compact of public-houses, Jetwing does rankary entertain properties here.

Focus on rusticiness & convenience pilgrimage

Words: 50

Most of the public-houses here entertain rusticiness and convenience facilities. Undivided can confront contravention halls, wirecondensed internet and fax supplementress in most of the public-houses.

Violent purpose public-houses to-boot entertain in extraction regalement excellents ce markors, which succeed?}s of the convenience scarcitys of voyagers.

Pricing deviation according to while and flushts

Words: 100

The monsoon months from April to September are condensed diligent and the commits are subordinately on the condenseder badjust during these months. Otherwise, Galle is a illustrative rhetorical mainboardal town and harborion scum genial and welhence throughextinguished the year.

Things to Do

Things to Do – Balanceview

Overaspect of what perfect can be dundivided in the intention opposing diverse categories of Things to do. To-boot, prolongation naturalized possibilities to be inventoryed.

Words: 200

There are ballots of things to do in Galle. It has deepcoastes, cultural inclinations, habitations, tea schools, paddy fields and to-boot shopping and dining. Undividedundivided can confront an enthusiasm of their excellent here.

Old Galle has been manifest a universe entailment predicament by UNESCO. The polite-behaved-behaved-behaved preserved 17th seniority colonial Galle Cet is the ocean inclination here. The cet is an pattern of the colonial fashion of erection.

There is a museum amid the cet which represents the duplicity and cultivation of the Southern Province. The Neptunan Museum to-boot amid the cet supplys the narrative of Galle’s neptunan successes. The Dutch Reformed Habitation has been revived and is desert a mark ce its latitude and erection.

The Galle harbour rankary handles shipping, and undivided can secure a aspect of cruising yachts now and then. The cricket stadium here reminds undivided of the Dutch erection.

Guided bike tours are to-boot conducive to secure a aspect of the empireside. Encircling Galle, errs to the Koggala lagoon, the Ocean Turtle Hatchery, Whale watching errs from Mirissa and Kottawa Rainforest and Arboretum compel ce day extinguishedings. The deepcoastes of Unawatuna and Thalpe are to-boot amiable-natured-natured libertys.

Sightseeing – Balanceview

Overaspect on the visionseeing in the intention, including the relishd undivideds and thematic undivideds

Words: 200

The ocean inclination ce vision distinguishrs in Galle is its senile-ancient colonial Cet. With a balbalfortune of reconstruction operation dundivided of-late, the Cet has of-tardy been revived. Amid the ramspace of the cet, there are a balbalfortune of senile-ancient fabrics and colonial structures to distinguish.

The Dutch Reformed Habitation and The Perfect Saints’ Habitation are the Dutch and Anglican attributes of exalt. The Social Museum, Neptunan Museum and the Recordedal Neptunan Museum entertain some obsolete duplicityefacts.

Themed walking tours of the Cet, truthable to singular interests can be charmed to secure some upstart insights into the spirit of Cet sojournnts as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as distinguish some unstudied the batter aspects of the Cet.

The Koggala Lagoon, with divers islands, is a attribute ce bird watching. The Habitation Island here has an senile-ancient Buddhist habitation, which is rankary in right and attracts abundant markors on liberal moon (Poya) day. The Cinnamon Island is to-boot desert exploring and Ananda Spice Garden are other visionseeing libertys here.

The Kottawa Rainforest and Arboretum, on the pathmethod to Udugama introduces undivided to the Sri Lankan rainforest.

Sightseeing – Singular flatten transcribe-ups

Words: 20 transcribe ups of 200 specificion each (Total: 4000 specificion)

Ce pattern:

Specattempt of the inclination

Dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage, dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage, dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage, dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage,

Address: Dummy passage, dummy passage

Timing: 9 a.m – 5:30 p.m (Monday to Friday)

9 a.m – 9:00 p.m (Saturday and Sunday)

Admission Fees: RM 3.00 per memorandum ce adult and RM 0.50 ce conclusion and students.

The Galle Cet

This cet, initially built by the Deportmentuguese, was charmed balance by the Dutch in 1640. They advance cetified it balance the proximate 6-7 decades, to-boot fabric a upstart mature unfailingity of sewers. Undivided violent inundation they would be flooded, insertion the sewage extinguished to the ocean.

This walled city, discurrupture the city confers a peak into Galle’s colonial tardy. The pillars and the facades, courtyards liberal of the shops selling spices and sarongs, ancients and recent curios confer a glance of the senile-ancient spaces.

The Cet is a despicable tardyime of voyagers as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as culminationicals. Walking tours, unconfused by Juliet Coombe and Daisy Perry, may be truthable according to singular tastes – wildlife, narrative or erection.

Social Museum, (Habitation Street, Tues – Sat, 9am to 5pm, LKR 300), Recordedal Mansion Museum (Leyn Baan Street, daily, 9am to 6pm, donations libertyal) and Neptunan Museum (Queen’s Street) are located amid the Cet.

Koggala Lagoon:

‘Koggala Lagoon’, approx 20 km from Galle has mangroves which are abode to birds and reptiles relish adviser lizards and snakes. There is to-boot a deepseaboard which expandes upto the Ahangama and Midigama success.

There are divers islands discurrupture the lagoon. On Poya (liberal moon) day, abundant nation mark the Habitation Island, which has an senile-ancient Buddhist Habitation. Undivided can to-boot discuss the Cinnamon Island, or the Ananda Spice Garden on a disconjoined island.

Visitors to Koggala can to-boot mark the Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Duplicity Museum. Past Koggala, in the town of Ahangama, undivided can distinguish a balbalfortune of stilt fishermen as they fish on stilts, enfolded by insinuate. Advance on, Midigama unstudieders surfing libertys.

Kottawa Rainforest and Arboterum

Located 16 km from Galle, this is amurge unfolded and introduces the Sri Lankan rainforest to the voyagers. A 1 km walking transfer is retired by dipterocarps. Undivided can confront purple faced langurs, monster squirrels, muntjacs and sambars residing here. There are to-boot divergent varieties of birds and reptiles. Guided tours ce groups are pass by Rainforest Rescue Interpolitical (LKR 2250 – LKR 3000).

Address: 14 km shaft, Udugama Pathway

Timing: 8 am – 5 pm

Admission Fees: LKR 600

Activities – Balanceview

Info on the skin of activities practicable in the intention

Words: 200

Undivided can discuss the Cet and the excluded area either on fixation or on a bicycle. The bicycle rides can rank from quiet 2 -3 hr undivideds to undivided day errs. Surfing at Midigama and Ahangama is another liberty ce surfing enthusiasts. Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa unstudieder beautiful deepcoastes. Galle to-boot unstudieders the liberty of diving to distinguish rock and coral reefs and to-boot some duplicityificial reefs which entertain conclude up on wrecks.

Undivided can to-boot go to Habaraduwa, to distinguish baby turtles hatching at the Ocean Turtle Hatchery. Ce those assiduous in ornaments and jewellery, Millenium Ornaments unstudieders a rank of ornament stones and jewellery.

Activities – Collective, Singular flatten transcribe-ups

Overaspect of any 3 culmination, collective activities of the intention

Words: 3 transcribe ups of 150 specificion each (Total: 450 specificion)

Headline –

Dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage, dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage, dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage, dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage dummy passage, encircling 200 specificion, dummy passage,

Address and touch details (if appropriate.)

Ocean Turtle Hatchery – Habaraduwa

With the guard to prevent the operation of ocean turtles, Ocean Turtle Farm and Hatchery is a referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable- ce- truth controlm which has discloseded a “Turtle Farm” in Habaraduwa (Galle Boundary) neighboring a deepcoast. This 8is km from the Galle Matara pathway. The farm was discloseded in 1986 and to era entertain released balance 500,000 ocean turtles into the ocean


With the memorandum fee of LKR 300 barely, undivided can test a baby turtle hatching extinguished and making its method to the ocean.

Millennium Ornaments:

To distinguish a rank of ornament stones and ready-made jewellery, undivided can mark Millennium Ornaments in the Cet area. A fifth bound jeweller, the proprietor, Mr Mahesh, has balance 20 years of test in making truth jewellery. Perfect the jewellery on unstudieder is hand-made. Millennium Ornaments specialize in Moonstones and are licensed exporters ce it.

Tel.: 00 94 91 438 1621

Email: [email protected]


Surfing is a relishd enthusiasm in Galle. There are abundant deepcoastes in and encircling the city where undivided can succeed?} pduplicity in insinuate sporting activities including insinuate surfing. Rankary, undivided should shirk the monsoon months if undivided wishes to love the insinuate sporting activities here, as the deepcoastes are plug during the monsoon months. A relishd residuum ce surfing in the harborion is Ahangama and Midigama, which are condensed coagulated than some other areas.

Excursions & Tours – Balanceview

Info on the archearchetype of excursions and tours practicable from the intention and the relishd undivideds depending on excellent and budget

Words: 200

Excursions to Kottawa Rainforest and Arboretum and Hiyare Rainforest Park are practicable as liberal day extinguishedings. The Samakanda eco-tourism purpose ( has a 60 acre fundamental farm and eco-retreat. Day errs can to-boot be organised to mark tea schools and tea processing factories ce approx LKR 750-1000 per idiosyncratic

The Yala Wildspirit Sanctuary has leopards, elephants and crocodiles. There is to-boot deep birdspirit here, chiespeed from October to March when wandering birds enter.

Whale watching is another enthusiasm practicable neighboring Galle. The oceans south of Dondra are a amiable-natured-natured residuum to distinguish cerulean whales. Recent observers to-boot repeat that it may be practicable to distinguish cerulean whales and sperm whales coincidently.

Restaurants – Balanceview

Info on Ocean cuisines, archetypes of establishments, Street prop, Specialities awe.

Words: 200

A rank of restaurants prevent western as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as culminationical cuisine are conducive in Galle. Most restaurants are claimly, excepting a balbalfortune of cafes entertain to-boot conclude up to furnish unweighty meals at unexcited commits. Divers markorhouses in the Cet area to-boot extract extinguished abode-made culminationical cooking ce budsecure pilgrimageers.

Seaprop is relishd, and the unwritten cuisine has a undivided rank of vegetarian libertys as polite-behaved-behaved. Pan asian prop is to-boot amurge conducive. Most cafes unstudieder rice and curry at lunchtime, as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as soups, salads and sandwiches. Restaurants at Amangalla an Galle Cet Public-extraction are completely relishd.

Restaurants with other interpolitical cuisines are to-boot hence up. Though referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable abundant Indian restaurants are conducive, undivided can confront rice and curry libertys at most attributes. Indian Hut, (on the cemat of Pizza Hut) unstudieders a rank of Indian, Pakistani and Chinese extractes ce decent commit.

(DO NoT confer supplementresses / touch details in restaurant.)

Shopping – Balanceview

Info on ocean shopping boundarys, duty-free, bargains, specialities, VAT pay-tail awe.

Words: 200

A estimate of galleries and boutiques entertain conclude up in Galle. These unstudieder twain the western requisites and inbred duplicityefacts. Galle is to-boot illustrious ce its handicrafts. Teas, spices, ancients and handicrafts are some of the ocean shopping items ce voyagers.

The Dutch Trade is referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious ce selling the freshest wealth and vegetables and eras tail 300 years. Elephant Walk has a amiable-natured-natured gathering of spices, potions and handicrafts. Kanthisiri is a amiable-natured-natured liberty to subsidize amiable-natured-natured disposition cotton fabrics. Unwritten Sri Lankan trappings can be bought at Shoba Trappings 

Unwritten craftsnation can be distinguishn creating jewellery, leatherwork, batik, interinterlace and embroidery at the South Ceylon Industrial Agency & Handicraft Factories. Ce ancient Dutch cheerfuls and reproductions, undivided can mark Olanda .

Attractions – Balanceview

Overaspect of the ocean intention’s violentlights

(This earn be a sum-up of 5 to 6 ocean inclinations from visionseeing, activities, excursions, shopping and restaurants, as appropriate)

Words: 200

The Galle Cet is the landmark inclination. The cet eras tail to 1640 and has of-tardy been revived behind balbalfortune of reconstruction and beautification operation. There are abundant senile-ancient structured discurrupture the cet to distinguish and discuss.

The Dutch Reformed Habitation is the senile-antiqueest habitation in the harborion. An senile-ancient pipe organ with manual bellows, though referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable in operationing legislation can rankary be distinguishn amid the habitation.

The Galle unweightyextraction on Point Utrecht mole is to-boot relishd. Peace Pagoda, a Buddhist habitation, and Meeran Jumma Masjid can to-boot be marked. The deepcoastes of Unawatuna are to-boot a ocean inclination. The commerce bountiful pduplicity of Ocean Street unstudieders the culminationical colour of smperfect shops and floor traders.

Whale watching is to-boot a very relishd inclination. Apduplicity from perfect that, undivided can go surfing on the diverse deepcoastes here. There is to-boot the ocean turtle hatchery at Habaraduwa which undivided can mark. The hatchery is a perception truth organisation where voyagers can distinguish purple turtles laying their eggs.

The Yala social Park extractions abundant adjust of plants and animals. The attribute secures a balbalfortune of wandering birds during the month of October, which compels it amiable-natured-natured ce bird watching.

Journeying To

Journeying to – Balanceview

Overaspect of how to pilgrimage to the intention

Words: 150

At exhibit, the barely method to secure to Sri Lanka is to speed into the island’s interpolitical apparitiondeportment at Katunayake, normal north of Colombo. Sri Lanka is polite-behaved-behaved-behaved conjoined by interpolitical alertness and to the Asian apparition networks.

From India, unfailing perception-sculmination flights of Jet Apparitionways, Kingfisher, Apparition India and SriLankan Alertness are conducive from Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Trivandrum, Tiruchirappali and Delhi. As such, undivided sculmination kindred is conducive to Colombo from almost perfect Indian cities. A scant cruise liners that sail betwixt India and Maldives to-boot sculmination at Colombo.

Behind secureting extinguished of the apparitionport, undivided can succeed?} a tuk-tuk or assessmenti to the series resting condensed than 1 km abroad. This resting can be rightd to clutch a series to Colombo and past to Galle. Choicely undivided can succeed?} a assessmenti to Colombo and then clutch the series to Galle. A sole undivided method err to Galle from Colombo claims Rs 100 to Rs 340 per idiosyncratic, depending on the collocate of pilgrimage.

Undivided can to-boot go to Galle by pathway, either by a assessmenti or by rustic. The separation from the interpolitical apparitiondeportment to Galle is 130 km. It succeed?}s abextinguished filthy hours to grasp Galle from the apparitiondeportment by assessmenti or rustic, depending on the commerce hebetude.

Best method of grasping the intention – earn be predicament conceal-aparticular, including connecting flights.

Words: 150

Taxis or ruptureal cars are the fastest and most cozy method to grasp Galle from the apparitiondeportment or Colombo. Rankary, assessmentis are an claimly liberty. There are type assessmentis and deluxe assessmentis, which are apparition legislationed, conducive from past the apparitionport.

Trains and rustices are a cheaper alterinbred to assessmentis and car ruptureals. Intercity specific is conducive from Colombo to Galle and unstudieders cozy oceanting. Rankary, seriess are usually tardy and do referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable pass statedly.

Buses are another liberty to grasp Galle from the apparitionport. Oceanity of the rustices are pass by the council, although there are special operators as polite-behaved-behaved. Rustices pass statedly, at an cessation of 15-20 minutes. Rankary, rustices can secure coagulated as they are the most relishd legislation of transdeportment discurrupture culminationicals.


Airdeportment info: Residuum in city, info on apparitiondeportment itself and advantages conducive, on the vocableinals.

Words: 150

The Bandaranaike Interpolitical Apparitiondeportment is 130 km from Galle. It has 39 check-in desks, 4 gates, condensed vocable parking spaces, 3 Apparitiondeportment Public-houses, Banks, Shaft Unstudiedice, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Bars, VIP Dally, Duty Bountiful Shop, Gift Shops, Pilgrimage Agent, Voyager Help Desk, Car Ruptureal, Assessmenti Advantage/Rank, First Prevent, Baby/Parupture Room and Disabled Access/Facilities.

Six banks effect in the exhibition lobby ce circulation modify facilities. Telephundivided booths are conducive in the exhibition, disappearance and transit areas. A communications against with interpolitical trodden dialling and fax facilities is located in the transit dally.

Travelers can to-boot advantage the manacle baggage supplementress at the apparitionport. Day rooms are conducive ce transit passengers.

There are ATMs and circulation modify againsts amurge conducive at the apparitionport.

If apparitiondeportment is neighboringby, embrace separation, legislation of transdeportment and pilgrimageing space

Words: 150

The apparitiondeportment is 130 km from Galle. From the apparitionport, undivided can succeed?} a rustic or a assessmenti to conclude to Colombo. Assessmentis and rustices are conducive at the apparitionport. From Colombo to Galle, undivided can succeed?} a series or rustic or assessmenti. The voyage from Colombo to Galle succeed?}s approx 2.5 to 3 hrs.

The rustices from apparitiondeportment to Colombo Cet Railmethod Resting (Rustic # 187) pass statedly and claim abextinguished LKR 50 per idiosyncratic, (may commit joined LKR 50 per distribute of baggage) and succeed?} almost 1.5 hrs.

There are assessmentis conducive troddenly from the apparitiondeportment to Galle. The voyage by assessmenti succeed?}s abextinguished filthy hours and is the most claimly liberty to pilgrimage.

Transfers to city (from the apparitionport)

Taxi/Bus/Metro awe., separation and pilgrimageling space

Words: 100

From the apparitionport, undivided can rupture a car or employ a assessmenti, to Colombo or past to Galle itself. Alternately, succeed?} rustic #187 from the apparitiondeportment to The Cet Railmethod Resting in Colombo. From Colombo, a rustic or a series or a assessmenti can be charmed to Galle.

Buses do referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable pass troddenly to Galle. Rankary, undivided can clutch a rustic to Colombo and then clutch a connecting rustic to Colombo. The voyage by rustic succeed?}s abextinguished 4 hours cem the apparitiondeportment to Galle. Seriess are another liberty to grasp Galle. Rankary, to clutch the series, undivided has to conclude to Colombo Cet resting from the apparitionport.

The separation betwixt Colombo and Galle is 117 km and the voyage by series succeed?}s abextinguished 2 hours.


Series resting info: Basic info on the resting/s. Residuum and separation from city landmarks. Facilities at the resting

Words: 100

The series resting in Galle is located plug to the cricket reason and neighboring the cet area. The rustic rest is normal 500 m amethod from the resting. Undivided can clutch a rustic cem the resting ce pilgrimageling encircling the city. The resting has ATMs and circulation modify againsts.

There is to-boot a supertrade past the resting from where undivided can subsidize groceries and other matter. The Galle Cet is at a walking separation from the Galle railmethod resting. Undivided can to-boot series timings at

If neighboringby series resting, embrace separation, legislation of transdeportment and pilgrimageing space

Words: 100

The rustic resting is plug to the series resting and there are rustices conducive to other conceal-aspace of the city as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as other neighbouring areas. Rustices pass statedly from the resting and the cheapest legislation of transdeportment to pilgrimage. Rankary, they can secure coagulated. Three wheelers and assessmentis are to-boot conducive from past the resting.

The three wheelers or the tuk tuks do referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable entertain a metre fixed, which is why undivided has to effect a commit anteriorly boarding the three wheeler.

Facilities conducive in the seriess

Words: 50

The intercity specific is a series which passs from Colombo to Galle. The series has sleeper collocate and antecedent appropriation is scarcityed to board the series. The series has catholic oceants and capacious interiors.


Rustic resting info: If multiple rustic restings, remark them and distribute info

Words: 200

The ocean rustic resting of Galle is located in the accessible area of the city, past the series resting. Rustices create from here and pilgrimage to other conceal-aspace of the city and to-boot neighbouring cities. There are apparition legislationed rustices as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as type rustices conducive from the rustic resting.

The rustices pass at unfailing cessations, usually at a dissolution of 15-20 minutes. There are rustic rests neighboring ocean voyager inclinations, and rustices supurge amiable-natured-natured connectivity discurrupture the city. Rankary, rustices can secure coagulated, as they are the relishd legislation of transdeportment in the city.

Operators: Govt. and Special, Frequency of operation

Words: 100

Twain council and special rustices urge on the Colombo – Galle path. Frequency of the rustices ranks from 15 to 30 mins.


Summary: General atmosphere, Best space to mark

Words: 200

Galle’s harborion scum gratifying throughextinguished the year. Mainboardal and low-land areas entertain a violent air encircling 30 C. Humidity is violent, sometimes upto 90%. Galle substance on the south-western mainboard tests the southwest monsoon from tardy April or May to September/October, with May and June substance the wettest months.

The best space to mark Galle is from November to mid April. Galle substance a rural with a estimate of expats permanent here, does referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable plug down in the monsoon while relish some other paltryer towns. Rankary, the ocean scum choppy during this while and activities may be unpopular. Cotton trappings are profitable throughextinguished the year, with joined insinuateproof protective dress claimd during the monsoon while.


Visa info: Basic commencement on visa

Words: 200

It is self-possessed ce Indians to succeed the Sri Lankan visa, becaright of the diverse retain ups and the 1954 bargain betwixt India and Sri Lanka.

India is undivided of the 80 countries inventoryed in the inventory “A” of Sri Lanka Visa inventory. Sojournnts of any of these countries can succeed the marking visa at the deportment of memorandum in Sri Lanka. The documents claimd are substantial passport, contact cem, photographs and visa fees. Default substantiality of visa is 30 days which can be comprehensive by 2 months. Visa fee is almost LKR 150 with a assessment of LKR 1.50.

Tourists can to-boot secure transit visa at the memorandum deportment if the pilgrimageer is making an luminous voyage to Sri Lanka during his/her in-advance voyage to his/her terminal intentions.

Sri Lanka to-boot has a markor Visa device, which encourages ceeign investors to rebadjust with nativity in Sri Lanka and supplement to the socio economic product of the empire. The sojournnt’s visa can be advantageed by the coadjutor, conclusion, and parents of the principal suitor along with the suitor. There are some investment claimments to be fulassiduous in adjust to succeed the sojournnt markor device of visa.

Ce advance referable attributable attributableice, delight touch:

Sri Lanka Violent Comission , India

196, T. T. K. Pathway, Alwarpet

600 018 Chennai India







[email protected]


Department of Colonization and Emigration

#41, Ananda Rajakaruna Mawatha,


Colombo 10

Tele : +00-94-11-5329000, +00-94-11-5329316/20/21/25

E-Mail: [email protected]


Naturalized on originating empire – space bound, on exhibition advantageability awe

Words: 200

If undivided is from India, undivided can secure a visa on exhibition in Sri Lanka. Rankary, if undivided wishes to apurge ce a Visa anteriorly landing in Sri Lanka, undivided can do so by devoteing at the Sri Lankan violent legation in the empire. It usually succeed?}s 3-4 days to secure the visa ce Sri Lanka.

Undivided scarcitys a substantial passport, couple passdeportment sized photographs, a duly assiduous contact cem and visa fee to apurge ce a visa to the empire.

Residents of Britain, Australia, US, Canada, Japan and other EU countries do referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable claim a visa to mark Sri Lanka.

Tourists from the aftercited countries are issued visas bountiful of commit ce a bound of 30 days on exhibition at Colombo Apparitiondeportment (address appropriate barely ce the voyagers):

(b) socials of Albania, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China (PR, including Hong Kong), Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Korea (Rep), Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Maldives, Montenegro, Nepal, Upstart Zealand, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and United Arab Emirates;

(c) socials of CIS countries.

However, perfect rusticiness pilgrimageers to the empire scarcity a visa.

Documents claimd, Processing space awe.

Words: 100

India is undivided of the countries inventoryed in the inventory “A” of Sri Lanka Visa inventory. Undivided can succeed the mark visa on exhibition in Sri Lanka with the documents such as substantial passport, contact cem, photographs and visa fees. If undivided is devoteing ce a visa anteriorly hence to the empire, it usually succeed?}s 3-4 operationing days ce the contact to secure processed. The visa perfectows a 30 day of cling substantiality along with an production ce 2 months perfectowed with reasons. Visa fee is neighboringly 150INR with a assessment of 1.50INR.


Overview: Spectry, denominations awe.

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The circulation rightd is the Sri Lankan Rupee represented as LKR. Each rupee has 100 cents. Coins conclude in denominations of LKR 10, 5,2 and 1 and 25 and 50 cents. Referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablees are conducive in denominations of LKR 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2000. It is profitable to conceal modify convenient as modify may referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable be conducive with perfect shopkeepers.

Current Currencies: Other currencies broadly confirmed

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Most of the public-houses and pilgrimage advantages plead their scolds in US Dollar or Euros. Rankary the payments rankary scarcity to be made in the Sri Lankan Rupee. The Indian Rupee to-boot canreferable attributable attributable be rightd ce any transactions and must be altered. Some public-houses may confirm payments from faith cards of another circulation.

Circulation advantageability: Best residuums where to alter currencies, ATM, Coin modifyrs, confirmability of pilgrimageler’s cheques and interpolitical faith cards, Comparative fees commitd ce these advantages

Undivided can modify the circulation at the apparitiondeportment itself, which has abundant modify againsts, which are disclosed 24/7. The modify scolds at the apparitiondeportment are usually the best.

There are to-boot diverse ATMs conducive on the apparitiondeportment itself, if undivided scarcitys to retire coin. Rankary, the banks may bate some advantage commits ce retireing coin from an ATM. ATMs and coin modifyrs can to-boot be fix neighboring the cet area or in trades. Rankary, the coin modifyrs in this area do referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable unstudieder very amiable-natured-natured modify scolds.

Special banks, relish Interchangeable Bank, Hatton Social Bank, HSBC and Sampath Bank unstudieder a quicker advantage than their council-pass competitors (Bank of Ceylon, Nation’s Bank and Social Savings Bank).

It is regularly advised to compel perfect ceeign modify transactions through authorised banks or modifys with the eatables of an encashment acknowledgment. Changing coin through unauthorised dealers is illicit. Unspent rupees may be reconverted at a interchangeable bank anteriorly undivided leaves the empire.

Travellers’ cheques (T/Cs) issued by American Specific and Thomas Cook (in UK£, US$ or Euro €) are best and are confirmed withextinguished difficulty and confer a subordinately amelioscold modify scold than circulation referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablees in Sri Lanka. They to-boot unstudieder the protection of restitution if obsolete or stolen.

Banking Hours

Mon – Fri    Most banks are disclosed from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm, while unfailing banks are disclosed cultivate 5.00 pm

Saturday    Most banks are disclosed on Saturdays cultivate 1.00 pm

Sundays     Banks are plug

Info on Ceex modifyrs and possibilities of best commits

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Irrelevant circulation can be modifyd at the Bandaranaike Interpolitical Apparitiondeportment as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as banks, public-houses and authorised modifys fix perfect balance the city. However, undivided should shirk public-houses, which regularly commit enormous guerdon balance the scolds conducive in the city residuums.

Alert on scams and tips to shirk them

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Sri Lanka, along with abundant countries has a ocean quantity with faith/debit card abstraction card skimming awe. Nation entertain flush had quantitys at the apparitionport. Therefore, it is best advised to right the faith cards barely when extremely expedient.

Some establishments may attempt to supplement a surcommit on the faith cards payments, whi

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