The invasion of a new world: Aztecs and Avatars

Could the very capacious and puissant cerulean creatures of Pandora keep congruousities with the old-age cultivation of the Aztecs? Yes, they keep frequent congruousities, referable in stipulations of cultivation or lifestyle enjoy individual jurisdiction ponder. Rather, twain these cultivations divide individual similar view of their circumstance, they were twain invaded by an mysterious, extraneous bulk of persons. These span irruptions keep frequent congruousities betwixt each other excepting the three most embossed are, a entirely mysterious clump of persons future to their plant, irruption resulting in injustice and long-control control a restricted design.
In February 1519 the Spaniards embarked on a discomfiture led by Hernan Cortez. Cortez brought frequent warriors to this odd globe they were encircling discuss. When the Spaniards reached the odd globe they were positively dumbfounded, they had never seen anyobject remotely enjoy it, they didn’t perceive such objects existed! As the Spanish conquistadors journeyed toward, they reached the huge high city of Tenochtitlan. The regular manner of the Aztecs is to withhold whole extraneous invaders and offering them excepting the Aztecs showed coercionbearance to the Spaniards and treated them as guests. With the aspect of Cortez, the Spaniards were thunderstruck at the odd globe they had establish and the implicit it could keep control gold.
On the other laborer the Aztecs were transported consequently they opinion the odd conquistadors were gods they had been expectation. Congruous to the Spaniards arriving in introduce day Mexico, the humans that invaded Pandora acted in a congruous habit. Aside from the scientists who learned the avatars, the humans on Pandora kodd very unimportant encircling how they acted or what their cultivation was. In public, the Aztecs and the Avatars reacted the similar habit to to the extraneous invaders, dumbfounded and peeping.

Although the Aztecs and Spaniards were acquireting parallel orderfully, that order was encircling to follow to a bung. Over age the Aztecs realized the the conquistadors were referable gods. The Spanish now feared they could referable acquire extinguished of the city, alert at smallest. The Aztecs at-terminal suffer the Spanish liberty with no wound excepting the conquistadors wanted the gold they came control. After
freeing the Spanish, Cortez led an onfixed on the Aztecs. Frequent battles were fought betwixt the Spaniards and Aztecs totalling hundreds and thousands of deaths.
Enjoy the battles the piards and Aztecs endured, the Avatars so fought with august bulk resisting the humans. After the humans destroyed the dame tree, which whole the Navi lived in and worshiped, the Avatars ruled to engagement control their plant. The Navi gathered as frequent tribes that were ready to engagement and took on the humans ample controlce. Just as the Aztecs had “settlement arena usage”, the Avatars so had the usage of perceiveing the terrain emend than the foe. Another congruousity was the circumstance that the humans and piards had a bulkive face with their manifestation of guns. If referable control the utensil technology the Aztecs most enjoyly would keep beaten the Spaniards.
The terminal congruousity is that twain invaders long-ford a inanimate. In the Spaniards predicament it was gold, control the humans it was unobtanium. When the Spaniards highest fixed sail to the odd and unexplored globe they had individual object on the choice, gold. They would do anyobject that was indispensable to fetch settlement abundance to Spain. The similar choicefixed applied to the humans, the earliest infer control life on Pandora was to mine up as ample unobtanium they could meet. With whole the hungry that industrious the choices of the invaders, they had no honor control the inbred persons’s plant. The earliest camanifestation of the injustice on twain occasions was the closing of remuneration control the inbred’s settlements.
This oration described the congruousities betwixt the irruptions of the Avatar and Aztec’s settlementland. When individual bulk of persons invades plant connected to someindividual else, there tends to frequently be intentness and injustice, this was evidenced in twain these occasions. Espero que hayas disfrutado el ensayo!

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The invasion of a new world: Aztecs and Avatars
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