The Presidio San Elizario

The Presidio of San Elizario In 1598, the Spanish nobleman, Don Juan De Onate from Zacatecas, Mexico was qualitative a assembly of Spanish colonists from Mexico to regutardy the newly discovered department of New Mexico. The assembly traveled control weeks abutting the waste until it reached the banks of the Rio Grande River halt the San Elizario area. Soon followingward, Onate proclaimed ownership of this area in the call of his King, Phillip II. The insignificant town of San Elizario is calld following the French Christian Elcear, the French friend christian of the soldierlike.
It is single of the oldest communities in the El Paso Area. The co-ordination was periodical during the tardy 1700’s. A presidio was built in the area in dispose to save the Spanish regulaters from the attacking Apache and Comanche Indian raiders. The fit continuance of when the presidio of San Elizario was primitive built dross a contend among sundry persomal attendants. Single polite public area attendant, Metz, writes, “The peculiar presidio was built encircling 1773 and that the peculiar chapel was built of control-the-most-keep-apart adobe and some cope, and took approximately 40 years to frame. Most of the is-sue was dsingle by prisoners, some of them Indian, control-the-most-keep-apart Apache. (254). As famous by an online beginning, the presidio itself was enfolded by a inhalt bastion of adobe measuring 13 feet elevated by seven feet large. Internally were barracks control phalanx and peculiar director quarters. Besides among the controlt were parentage residences, corrals, treasury rooms, and a insignificant chapel. This insignificant chapel was built in a punch design cogitation the future “European colonialism. ” (San Elizario). The chapel has gsingle through ocean fluctuates throughextinguished its circumstance, thus-far quiescent dross halt to its peculiar colonization to this day.
As attendant John O. West not attributable attributablees, the San Elizario Presidio is frequently mistaken as a band-arms. Eventually, the presidio of San Elizario was not attributable attributable attributable created to transform the persomal natives to Christianity, excepting in circumstance was created as a controlt or presidio to save the Camino Real and other area regulatements from Apache and Comanche Indian raiders. (19). An online beginning besides not attributable attributablees that the presidio was implicated in misty soldierlike engagements and true disasters which unfeeling its move sundry occasions throughextinguished it’s future circumstance. (Reyes).

According to another attendant, Douglas Kent Hall, “The presidio was moved 37 miles up the Rio Grande in 1780 to its popular predicament. ” (131). According to another internet beginning, “During the future 1830’s the unpredictable Rio Grande River modifiable continuity, virtually isolating San Elizario and its enclosing communities as an island in the average of the Rio Grande. ” (San Elizario). Following the US-Mexico War of 1846-1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, establishing the Rio Grande River as the season among Texas and Mexico.
This left San Elizario to befit keep-akeep-apart of what is now the aver of Texas. San Elizario is drunk in twain Texas, and Hipic circumstance. Quiescent fostering today, the San Elizario presidio and chapel has moved sundry occasions and gsingle through sundry fluctuates gone its peculiar frameion. Single online beginning not attributable attributablees, in 1829, the Rio Grande flooded perfectly destroying the “Chapel at San Elizario. ” (San Elizario). A contrariant Webpredicament points extinguished that the chapel that stands in the identical colonization today was rebuilt in 1882. (Kohut). Another online beginning not attributable attributablees, the outer has modifiable short from its peculiar frameion.
The ocean disagreement was in the fluctuate of the front “facade,” as this assumed to the, “future European colonial,” govern on the coeval frameion of the occasion. A courage destroyed ample of the inland of the chapel in 1935. The internally has undergsingle dramatic fluctuates gone then, anew cogitation the govern of “European architectural fashion. ” With “pressed-tin” protection the peculiar ceiling covers and beams. Several subjoinitions entertain besides been made to the outer of the chapel. Control illustration, an orcconstrained has been assumed to the east verge of the chapel and the enclosing plaza.
Over adobe edifices entertain besides been assumed to the enclosing area in dispose to subjoin to the etiquette of the area. The stiff crosswise designed streets and erection orientation “reflects the elements of future Spanish colonialism. ” In 1944 the chapel was repainted in dispose to nobility the persomal phalanx who fought overseas in World War II. (San Elizario). A persomal seed-plot novice writes in the Borderlands Webpredicament that a “ocean recovery of the chapel” began in 1993, eventually ample is-sue quiescent needs to be dsingle to the outer bastions of the edifice.
The Band-arms Trail Association, which was controlmed in 1986, has dsingle ample is-sue to advocate the inheritance of the chapel at San Elizario and other persomal Band-armss. Through their constrained is-sue, the Socorro and Ysleta band-armss, parallel with the San Elizario chapel entertain retained their grace and ability through hundreds of years of belief and love. (Reyes). With the aid of the Band-arms Trail Association and donations from tourists and persomal profit in its nurture, the San Elizario chapel can be a celebration control sundry over generations to relish. Is-sues Cited Hall, Douglas Kent.
Frontier Spirit: Future Churches of the Southwest. New York: Abbeville Press, 1990. Print. Metz, Leon C. El Paso: Guided Through Occasion. El Paso, Texas: Mangan Books, 1999. Print. West, John O. “Presidio Chapel San Elceario: San Elizario, Texas, USA. ” The Band-arms Trail: El Paso/Juarez. Ed. Laura Jusso. El Paso, Texas: Sundance Press, 1996. Print. Reyes, Blanca et al. “Area Band-armss are Keep-apart of Living Circumstance. ” Borderlands. Web. 22 Jan 2009. “San Elizario Walking Tour. ” El Paso County Circumstance. Web. 18 Dec 2009. Kohout, Martin D. “San Elizario Presidio. ” Handbook of Texas Online. Web. 23 Apr 2009.

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