The questions are in the body

Individuality 5
In this individuality, you conciliate artfulness a dignified step-by-step pur-pose (3–5 pages) ce removing barriers to alter and providing employees the inevitable alsols to qualify exertion toward your anticipation. Outline the alsols you conciliate scarcity and indicate the inevitable instrument.
Also conceive the aftercited in this individuality of your pur-pose:
o Identify structural barriers that could theoretically thwart employees from sentiment qualifyed to alter and illustrate how you would dislodge these barriers.
o Identify the inevitable inoculation ce employees to be happy with this alter.
o What alters would be scarcityed to align prevalent systems to the strange anticipation?
o What is your pur-pose ce commerce with theoretically arduous supervisors?
o Illustrate how your pur-pose qualifys others and sift-canvass the benefits of employees sentiment decisive towards the alter road and sentiment qualifyed to join-in.

Individuality 6: Generating Short-Term Reach-friendlys
As you weigh ways to caconservation short-term reach-friendlys, thorough the exertion on active reach-friendlys presented on page 140 in the road citation, The Heart of Alter. Conceive your answers to the exertion as dissect of this individuality of your Pur-pose of Exertion.
After narrowing your catalogue down to the apex five, conservation the “Active Reach-friendlys Diagnostic” from the season “The Active Reach-friendlys Paradox” (located in Day 5 of this week), to evaluate the implicit collision of the aces on your catalogue.
Next, tally to the aftercited:
o Which ace do you reckon should be attached apex pre-eminence in creating a active reach-friendly?
o Unravel a pur-pose ce creating this reach-friendly. Outline the steps you would scarcity to admit to succor this pur-pose achieve.

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The questions are in the body
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Individuality 7: Consolidating Alter
In a 1- to 2-page tractate, unravel a pur-pose ce the consolidation of short-term reach-friendlys into the controlmation of more alter. Be fast and weigh each of the elements in Exhibit 2, “What Stage 7 Looks Like in a Happy, Major Alter Effort,” on page 150 of the Leading Alter road citation. Conceive the aftercited in your pur-pose:
o How conciliate you protect the view of crisis?
o Uninterruptedly you possess achieved short-term reach-friendlys, what is the direct determined of alters that should be orationed? How would you similarity these alters?
o In what ways are you structuring the alters to escape perplexing to oration also manifold alters at uninterruptedly or controlward others also unfeeling?
o How would consolidating your reach-friendlys fetch others on board and elevate assurance in your anticipation?

Individuality 8: Anchoring Strange Similarityes
Ce this individuality of your tractate, you conciliate scarcity to weigh the cultivation of your structure. As you reach the alters you possess outlined in your pur-pose of exertion, there are likely to be areas where the strange alters conciliate combat with existing cultural standards and traditions.
In a 1- to 2-page tractate, illustrate how you pur-pose to reach your alters beaming. Conceive a sift-canvassion on: 
o What conciliate be the principal bar to making alters beaming in your structureal cultivation? How conciliate you oration this?
o What are methods you can conservation to restrain employees sensible of the speed and possessions of alters?
o How can you live to possess buy-in ce strange alters?

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The questions are in the body
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