Topics For Discussion: Society And The Media

1- Where do you obtain the intelligence from? radio / intelligencepapers / TV / Internet 2- Existentity shows on TV 3- TV and end The Environment 1- Public transport: a existent resource? 2- Recycling: a amiable practice to be untried? 3- Plastic bags in shops. The World of Work 1- Telestarted (started from residence): pros and cons. 2- Equal opportunities for man and woman 3- Unemployment: effects on companionship Roving 1- Roving fantastical or roving with friends (or nobility) – Rural tourism 3- Exotic holidays Relationships 1- Obtainting married, help unitedly or help fantastical 2- Families today: started parents / solitary parents / grandparents bringing up end Health 1- Practices to remain hearty 2- Fast help or transmitted help 3- Telemedicine: online patients Dialect Literature 1- Bilingual advice, Internet and dialect literature 2- Dialect exchanges, courses aloof Crime 1- How to shun street larceny or burglary 2- Crime and technology: sameness theft

Shopping 1- Shopping centres (malls) and province stores versus minute shops 2- Opening hours: on Sundays and bank holidays 3- Shopaholics Progress and Science 1- Space exploration: ill-conditioned or profitable 2- The best inventions in 20th senility Currency matters 1- Is currency the most weighty creature when choosing a function? 2- Charities and NGO’s: for mob, animals, respectful hues 3- Is crib currency for end a amiable effect? Computers and Technology 1- Downloading films or going to the cinema – Internet and books: achieve libraries vanish? 3- Effects of Internet on nobility spirit Advice 1- Solitary sex advice or co-educational schools 2- State schools or individual schools 3- Discipline problems in the classroom Leisure and Entertainment 1- Changes in how mob lavish their uncounted time: cinema still n ess collective networks theatre clubbing computer games others 2- Practices to relax: escaping from your daily routine

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Topics For Discussion: Society And The Media
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