Upload Assignment: Paper 3: Choose 2 Artists: Due May 7

PAPER #3 – DUE MAY 7 – 1000 WORDS
Choose 2 masters or artworks from the catalogue underneath that were introduced in tabulate this semester.  Write500 wordseach on why you purpose this master’s result is momentous. Write encircling favoring results / images.  Issues you capability consider; what sets the result aloof from other result in that moderation?  Is the cultural texture of the result momentous (when it was made and in what political/cultural sky)? What do you learn/experience from this master’s result, how did it change/challenge your foregoing ideas?
Edward Muybridge – 19thc. sequential photography
George Melies – present film
Winsor McCay – present life
Alexander Rodchenko – photography / artifice / Soviet avant-garde
Dziga Vertov – filmmaker / Man with a Movie Camera / Soviet avant-garde
Sergei Eisenstein – filmmaker / Battleship Potemkin / Soviet avant-garde
Vavara Stepanova – Russian / Soviet Avant-garde
Ana Mendieta – act
Marina Abramovic – act
Jean Michel Basquiat – painter / graffiti
Un Chien Andalou (Dali and Bunuel) – surrealism / film
Maya Deren – film
John Heartfield – photomontage
Nikki S. Lee -conceptual photography
Carrie Mae Weems – conceptual photography
Vik Muniz – conceptual photography
Lily McElroy – act
Penelope Umbrico – conceptual photography
Carrie Mae Weems – conceptual photography
Lotte Reiniger – present life / Prince Achmed
The Brothers Quay – life
La Jetee (Chris Marker) – film
Kara Walker – installation/graphic arts
Layla Ali – master / illustration 
Cindy Sherman – master / conceptual photography
Nick Cave – practice / act / sculpture
Sherin Neshat – photography / film / installation

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Upload Assignment: Paper 3: Choose 2 Artists: Due May 7
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