User Interface Design Assignment

Hi i deficiency a user interface contrivance coercion an therapeutic graffiti sport. Basically the sport achieve admit the users to virtually initiate and make their have literature. so supplement features approve “free draw”, “tutorials”, a method to secure sketch and portion-out sketch as courteous coercioneseeing.

Using a graphics editor such as Photoshop or GIMP, your team should fit mock-ups of at meanest three suggestive cloaks of your impression (referable login or accents select). The deep menu, a sport roll, and satisfied cloaks are complete cheerful-natured-natured candidates coercion elevate crop from your wireframes. Think environing how the UI facilitates dialog among the user and the impression. Remember, “satisfied is king”. Use this ordinance to settle a essay that supports an natural narrative environing what your app does.
The UI should leverage graphical essays settleed by your temper consideration and narrativeboard, and that portion-outs a graphical contemplate and arrive-at resisting cloaks that includes the typography, garbling palette, and other visual treatments, approve borders, icons, coercioneseeing. Use the wireframes to enlighten the lamina and positioning of navigation elements, buttons, menus, controls, extract, and resources.
Unless your team has a restricted cloak firmness in impetus, 1024 X 768 is a cheerful-natured-natured forfeit extent coercion desktops, the structure, and tablets. Make unfailing the contrast of your app is an alpha medium, so that complete graphics that are exposed coercion the mock-up can be home and composited in the Unity IDE. Contrivance your graphics and buttons so they can be home as discrete .png files. 

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User Interface Design Assignment
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