Week 2 Assignment Fundamental Skill Lesson Plan

You dislike produce a information pur-pose to inculcate a indispensable skdislike ce an present childhood natural advice methodatize (Prek to 3 rd degree).  You wdislike alter and to this information pur-pose in Week Five.  To produce your information pur-pose set-out by reviewing and assessing tht the aptitude(s) in your information pur-pose are developmentally alienate by visiting National PE Trutinations website. 
Your information pur-pose should include the forthcoming
Title Page
Section 1:  Information Information
Identify the follwoing:
Degree raze (particularize what age/grade)
estimate raze of developmental order ce this age/grade
Indispensable skdislike to be taught
State trutination (look the register of National PE Trutinations and betoken which State) I feed in NC if this aids
Section 2:  Information Introduction
Provide a shabby denomination of the information
Produce a learner scholarship external (e.g. “As effect of this information, learners wdislike be able to demonstrate_________________”.)
Describe your method ce methodatizeroom administration and learner grouping (e.g. methodatize rules, consequences, rewards, and organizations of the methodatize during the life)
Describe the equipment needed and the environment (e.g. methodatizeroom, gym, outdoors, foreseeing)
Reference Page Include undivided beyond reference
Additional Pur-posening Instrument:   When researching information pur-poses, the forthcoming instrument are advantageous.  These should be used as instrument barely and should not attributable attributable attributable be copied and pasted (Turntin wdislike unmask any plagiarism)
a.  Foundations of Moving and scholarship
Chapter 7- Pur-posening Natural Advice information
Appendix A-Sample information pur-poses
Appendix B-Sample information pur-poses
b.  Mr. Gym (http://www.mrgym.com/)
)c.  PE Central (http://www.pecentral.org/)
Please be cautious consequently these sources are barely ce aid.  Thanks

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Week 2 Assignment Fundamental Skill Lesson Plan
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