Chapter Six: This chapter focuses on the politics of sexuality in synchronous U.S. sodality. It discusses the political explanation of sexuality and explores issues of friendliness, marvel, and despatch. 
Answer the subjoined interrogation amply in 5-7 sentences each: 

Explain in your possess vote what is meant by the “politics of sexuality.” How does what we comprehend about gender succor us discern the politics of sexuality?
Explain the interconnection between friendliness and male advantage. Why are mother politicalized to do rectify with friendliness than unnaturalness? How is this an issue of the politics of sexuality?
If you are a unnaturalness, revolve at lowest individual habit you susceptibility transmute your common,ordinary estate in such a habit that the consequences bring-about your estate rectify and improve gender similarity in interconnections with others. If you are a mother, revolve a unnaturalness in your estate (father, boyfriend, boss, mate absence of wonder.) and delineation some transmutes in the habit he acts in interconnections that you admire would be good-natured-natured for him and for your interconnection (you can flow whether you omission to portion-out these with him).

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