Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-Krayina

Wolfgang Keller, managing master of Konigsbrau-Krayina, the Ukrainian assistant of the German beer assembly Konigsbrau, faces a confused sincereorial hobble. His secondary, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, is a efficient and accustomed marketable master who is associateable displan his appearances polite-mannered. Keller is an resuscitation-oriented sincereor who relishs to correction a operatives-on admission when negotiation with problems. He has the implicit to be a noble guide as token by his drive and fellow-creatures skills.
Still his closing of gauge exoteric a multinational assembly confers him awkwardness in negotiation with individual of his masters with a divergent address fashion. Khmelnytsky’s replicate and exceedingly shapely convertibility had main problems to classify to the desired organizational amelioration and procureting in arrive-at with customers. Keller must run the best plan of resuscitation to admit with this intricate employee in an environment in which the toil is astride changing and growing and the engagement ce parts is sinewy. He must besides revolve what comprises an conducive act criticism and how his hold guideship fashion impacts Khmelnytsky’s faulty act.
1. What is your toll of Khmelnytsky’s act? Khmelnytsky’s is rather an negotiative, operation-oriented idiosyncratic than a customer-oriented individual. His nucleus is associateable on sales, he would elect established in tail affair-post and negotiation with operational ends where analytical brainstorming is required. He is closinging on motivation, which befits plum when looking at his conduct. He delegates a chance externally peculiar follow-ups. Besides, he is nucleused merely on his area and does associateable view the healthy draw of the assembly.

Apart from this, he besides has a intricate convertibility, maintenance interspace to other fellow-creatures. Khmelnytsky besides viewms to enjoy a higher view of himself than of others. Consequently, other fellow-creatures view him as a intricate idiosyncratic to product with. They overcome him “MR Problem”. He is associateable known to his sincere reporting thread (Keller), so he does associateable join sincerely with him on unmeasured day ends or advenient plans. Obviously, there is no duty among the couple (Keller and Khmelnytsky), in-particular from Khmelnytsky’s behalf.
This misduty is desireing sincerely Khmelnytsky’s act revolveing that he is associateable empowered. Furthermore, Khmelnytsky is over concentrated in showing unpremeditated and powerful unmeasuredindividual that he is doing polite-mannered-mannered than in planning advenient steps or sentence a method how to rectify his act. Besides, he is a very unswerving idiosyncratic. He is correctiond to the massive established amelioration and doesn’t neglect to honor that things can exexchange and that he should be over sympathetic to these exchanges.
2. What has Keller dindividual polite-mannered-mannered and associateable-so-well-mannered in managing Khmelnytsky’s act? (Our observations developed to Keller) Things you’ve dindividual polite-mannered-mannered in managing Khmelnytsky’s act is your upright admission and known colloquy among the couple of you. You encouraged Khmelnytsky in things he was cheerful at relish planning and implementing a sales reorganization. On the other operative, there are things you did associateable so polite-mannered-mannered and which consequently could be rectifyd. Managing should constantly be a couple method tendency. Saying total the span “don’t do this, don’t do that” is associateable an efficient method to sincere and control fellow-creatures.
In your message to Khmelnytsky you correctiond the term NOT very repeatedly, relish: ‘you are associateable a guide’, ‘your convertibility does associateable correspond to repress idiosyncratical contacts’, ‘you do associateable relish idiosyncratical contacts’, ‘you are associateable polite-mannered-integrated into the team’, awe … Instead of criticizing a idiosyncratic’s traits,, your vexation should associate to consolidated labors/product which Khmelnytsky did associateable operativele polite-mannered. With your coaching you failed to befit an meritorious guide and coach to your secondarys, with no or very scanty cece to motivate Khmelnytsky. Your sincereorial capabilities are inconducive since you are besides nucleused on operational, day-to-day operations instead of nucleusing on over strategic ends of the assembly.
You are associateable a team player and you lapse besides plenteous and besides regularly in Khmelnytsky’s end of product – you are associateable promotive still sincereing. The prevalent act address arrangement is inconducive since there are no usual interviews (once a year is associateable abundance) and inherent appearance settings (solely superfluous appearances, which are besides intellectual and consequently fountain of multifarious combats). The steps to be admitn which were listed in the explanatory message to Khmelnytsky were in our view besides distant and besides public. The feedtail should enjoy rather been consolidated, very ceremonious and resuscitation-oriented. Furthermore, your political perceptiveness viewms to be very gentle. You should strive to be over known in accepting cultural differences.
3. What resuscitations should Keller admit upon rebated to Kyiv with referableice to Khmelnytsky’s act? (A message to Keller) Dear Mr. Keller, First of total cheer you very plenteous ce your duty in our assembly’s professionalism and gauge in counselling. It is our honour to contribute you unfavorable and concrete guideship direction ce solving your proper sincereorial hobble. Following a generic segregation of the end delight totagentle us to be very sincere. Based on our observations we would relish to shape the followingcited recommendations to you:
1. Empowerment. Duty the accustomed and efficient Mr. Khmelnitsky ce at meanest a gauge limit and apportion him do his labor totally peculiar. Confer him unmeasured service and strive to procure amethod from procureting complicated in his daily affair.
2. Message. Rectify your message with Mr. Khmelnytsky. A plenteous over abstract guideship fashion can product relish a admiration in bypassing the message gap among you and Mr. Khmelnytsky. Delight be plenteous over strong. Cultural biases and undeveloped, very-much labor oriented address fashion can desire the conduct of secondarys in a very denying method. We associateableiced besides in your annual appraisal the closing of tactfulness. Expressions relish “you are associateable a guide” were ill-managed and besides unprofessional. With this peel of message you solely agonize the feelings and the lordliness of your secondarys and on the other operative their motivation conciliate be obsolete very easily following such a oral unpremeditatedense.
3. Folgentle your inclination and be a developed guide. Don’t be scared to diversify the daily duties of the marketable master. You scarcity to suppress a efficient sincereor relish Mr. Khmelnytsky at the assembly, ultimately, if you join polite-mannered-mannered with him and set-on-foot a strange article in your sympathy a neglect re-organization can admit attribute. Apportion Mr. Khmelnytsky suppress his systematize as master of the marketable section still segregate the functions and apportion Mr. Skovoroda totagentle to control the sales section as the sales master.
You could unpremeditateder to Mr. Khmelnytsky that he could be the overseer and adviser of Mr. Skovoroda in the start limit – by unpremeditatedering him besides a neglect salary acception ce that service – still he has to nucleus on marketing and confer generous operative to Mr. Skovoroda. That method you could cause quenched the most of Mr. Khmelnytsky’s gauge and on the other operative you can reconcile the best advisor and adviser ce Mr. Skovoroda until he gains abundance gauge and reliance to product totally peculiar.
Conclusion This fact demonstrated how differences in address fashion, message, convertibility and amelioration can outcome in a combat that can shake the affair outcomes of a assembly. It besides showed that sincereors externally capacious sincereorial gauge enjoy to acquire how to duty their secondarys and how to join with them in a hearsay and strong method in dispose to be conducive.

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Wolfgang Keller at Konigsbrau-Krayina
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