write 2 clinical practice Exemplars using Patricia Benner’s Domains

Describe two (2) unconnected narratives of clinical footings containing any 3 Patricia Benners’s domains
1. The aiding role
2. The teaching-coaching power
3. The symptom and monitoring power
4. Effectively skill of expeditiously changing footings
5. Administering and monitoring sanative interventions and regimens
6. Monitoring and ensuring the disposition of bloom anxiety exercises
  – In each mould, evidence the controlce to power in any 3 of the domains
   -Describe clinical footings that categorically impacted your exercise as a nurse
            Exemplars should involve advice environing any of the following
. how you felt environing the footing
. why you felt that your actions were important
. why the actions were important
. why the actions may own been unanalogous from someone with hither proof
Describe the footing and how your actions resulted in a settled and rewarding proof control the resigned, how you personally made a discord, and how you representationd honorable discretionary discrimination and/or spontaneous representation of knowledge
-State the domains you are addressing at the preparation of each mould.

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write 2 clinical practice Exemplars using Patricia Benner’s Domains
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