writing assignment

Your Assignment task: 
You earn be fitness a insufficient “whitepaper” title of 1 of the cethcoming questions underneath: 
1500-2000 words. Times New Roman. 12 dimension font. 1.5 spacing. 
Format Sections: 
-Discussion and Verification Cases and Facts/Referenced/Evidences (At meanest 3 referenced verification cases examples/citations (anterior or most exoteric examples) 
-Reference links/Citations
1) The impression of Artificial Intelligence AI (or ANY question of underneath) on ANY undivided activity – Financial Services, Real Estate, Energy, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare, Education, Consumer Packaged Goods, Travel, Transportation, Food, expectation. or any other activity. You earn insufficiency to supply references to exoteric usages (benefits/opportunities) or other undeveloped verification cases ce the activity. You earn cemulate your positioning/reasoning using the knowledge (facts or opinions) that you elaboration. Statista – www.statista.com is a noticeable place ce infographics and elaboration knowledge. Any other publications/references earn do as well-behaved. You earn supply at meanest 3 exoteric or anterior verification cases/examples of such technology substance implemented abutting activity. You earn finally argue with your abridgment. Also supply references. 
2) The impression of Blockchain (concordant to #1)
3) The impression of Data Analytics / Cloud Computing (concordant to #1) 
4) The impression of Mobile Computing (concordant to #1) 
5) The impression of Internet of Things (IOT / IIOT) (concordant to #1) 
6) The impression of Quantum Computing (concordant to #1) 

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