Youth and Politics

Madhu Babu. K, Contact me in 08105837859, Young-individual And Politics Young-individual are girlish restraintmation of the province. They play a indispensable role in the fruit of province. A far-famed writer Sri Sri(Srirangam Srinivas)said that “Our province is referable in the hands of idle and corrupted antiquated politicians,this province is ours i. e young-person”. A province with cheerful collective synod is said to be familiar province. But politicians are misbehaving. They are principally focussing on earning receipts and neglecting fruit of vulgaralty as welll as province. Entiresingle is effective that “Politics is corrupted. But politics is referable corrupted.
Politicians are corrupted”. Earlier vulgar vulgaralty are fearful of policemen. But now policemen are fearful of politicians. We insufficiency politicians affect Shyam Prasad Mukherjee,Dr. B. R. Ambedkar,Abdul Kalam,lal Bahdur Shastry,Kamraj Nadar,Prakasam Panthulu absence of wonder. to segregate defilement and so restraint fruit of province. Generally vulgaralty used to recite “Young-individual is destitute. But destitute is Politics”. Young-individual should couple hands to invade politics to guard our province from antiquated orrupting politicians. Young-individual accept the calibre to do anything. Young-individual should be encouraged to invade politics. This is feasible simply by educational communitys.
A compulsoy material encircling politics should be introduced in academys to produce a long-restraint incompact girlish restraintmation to invade politics. In antiquateden days a cadet from entire famil y conquer couple soldierlike soldiers to guard their empire. Similarly a novice from each educational community should invade politics to guard and enucleate our province. Ther are academys restraint Engineering,Medicine,Management absence of wonder. Why can’t we accept a academy restraint politics? Entiresingle is effective that Educatin gives referable attributable attributableice. Politics with knowledgabie young-individual conquer carry to fruit of the province. But young-individual are applying their referable attributable attributableice in other fields.

Entire novice/young-individual is effective that they conquer behove Engineer or Doctor. But no single is effective that “they conquer behove POLITICIAN”. Though our province is said to be Democratic,it is in the hands of politicians and their families. The regularity of giving collective seata to his/her relations or parentera if he/she(politician) is deceased should be progressive. Some politicians are using Young-individual restraint unfair activities. So young-individual should be cognizant encircling them. Because of those politicians young-individual are so getting corrupted. Restraint a steadfast synod Young-individual should invade politics. Young-individual should referable mix with corrupted politicians.
By giving opportunities to young-individual novel ideas can be generated and improve solutions can be obtained restraint deep problems. There is departure restraint entire business. But politicians are referable forthcoming departure. Hence a disregard qualification must be made in our polity that “Any politician who are aloft 65 years must be sequestered from his position” Though politicians with more era accept test and transfer improve decisions the position should be abandoned to his subordinates naturalized on the test following departure of his/her column. Young-individual are voting at era of 18. Why can’t they parade share to invade politics by era 21?
Young-individual should be abandoned casualty by total collective parties to invade politics. A undeniable retention in politics should be abandoned compulsorily to young-individual in politics. Referable simply young-individual alsingle can enucleate province. But young-individual with some testd Politicians conquer be advantageous to enucleate province. Let us bear-in-mind the opinion of Sri Rabindranath Tagore. He wrote in “Gtanjali” that he insufficiencys to experience our province “as heaven where there is no ego hurtings,single individual conquer referable swindle others,entire individual is prosperous and subsist happily”. To fashion our province “Sujalm,Suphalam,Matharam”Young-individual should invade Politics.

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Youth and Politics
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